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I can’t even tell you how excited The Geekery Book Review girls are about our stop on the UNDONE Blog tour!!! First I’m gonna share my review of this great new book by the wonderful Amy Marie, her second novel and the second in the UNEXPECTED Series! Then we have a couple of gorgeous teasers and a sometimes naughty interview with none other than Trent & Noelle, the main characters in Undone! It was so much fun and I hope y’all enjoy it and GO GET THIS BOOK!! There is also a giveaway link, so this is a full on good time today! ~ Amber



Trent Decker’s life was turned upside down when Alex, his longtime girlfriend, abandoned him and their newborn son. Trying to put order back in his chaotic life, he never expects to fall for his sister’s best friend, Noelle. When another man seems to be stealing her heart, the years of holding his feelings for her inside come out. He lays it all on the line, hoping she chooses him. Noelle’s indecisiveness and an unanticipated visit from his past, causes him to take a step back and focus on making things right for his son, but can he stay away?

Noelle Grant prides herself on her life being in perfect order: a great job, great friends and the occasional fling to satisfy her needs. When her latest conquest, Jace, crashes into her life, she believes he may be the one to keep for more than just a night or two. That is until Trent, her best friend’s sexy, little brother, makes his feelings known and turns her structured world inside out. Exploring her feelings for both men adds complications and when Trent starts to pull away she believes Jace is what she needs. But is he what she wants?
Will Noelle stay with the safer choice or will she risk everything for the one who makes her come completely undone?


In this second book in the UNEXPECTED Series, Amy Marie brings us the story of Trent and Noelle. Trent has finally decided what he wants and what he wants is Noelle. Unfortunately Noelle doesn’t get what everyone around them does – that all his lashing out at her is his frustration that she doesn’t see that he is crazy about her. Noelle Grant is ballsy, opinionated and likes things the way she likes them; this is true about men as well and he has certain rules that she abides by. However, when she meets Jace around the same time that Trent finally decides to make his move, Noelle is faced with uncertainty and indecisiveness that makes it really hard on her. Combine the combustion she feels with Trent and the fears she carries that if she chooses him and it doesn’t work out makes for lots of drama; especially when you throw in another guy that wants Noelle just as much.

Trent and Noelle are so magnetic and it’s just a really emotional and beautiful story of two people finally coming to terms with what they want in life. But sometimes those wants and figuring out how to accept them are the things that totally make us come Undone. Add to all this a lot of steamy and sexy chemistry because prepare yourselves these characters are HAWT together!! Amy knows how to write and neither Noelle nor Trent have a filter when it comes to saying what they want! Amy Marie again has done a marvelous job of storytelling and character development that make me want more!


One of my favorite quotes!!



GBR: Hi guys! We are so excited that you both could join us today and share a little more about yourselves with our readers! I loved y’all’s story and thought Amy did a fabulous job sharing your journey! We’ve come up with a few questions we hope will give a bit more insight, so hope y’all are ready!

Noelle: Thanks for having me and Trent today! We’ll try our best to answer and entertain your readers. 

Trent:  What Sunshine just said. And yes we are both really happy with how Amy explained our journey.

  1. Noelle, I think by now we all know that you like things in your world to be a certain way and it seems this is true of the guys you date. Do you have a list of traits that you look for in a guy?

Noe: (*looks up at the ceiling while tapping her mouth with one finger*) Well, I like strong men. Not just the kind that can throw you onto the bed with ease but someone strong willed. Strong minded. Who knows what he wants and goes for it. Successful. Passionte. He obviously must be sexy as well. I don’t want to have to throw a paper bag over his head while I’m riding him. *laughs*

  1. So Noelle with this in mind can you tell us what drew you to Jace and Trent, because while there are some similarities they are really different guys to me, but what was your thoughts?

Noe:  Yes, they are very different men but they both posses the swoonworthy traits I find attractive. They have steady jobs, hard working, I mean, they own their own businesses, and for the most part they both could handle my crazy shit. I can’t stand when a man backs down just to pacify a woman. Of course the first draw to them was physical but if you get to know them it’s hard not to have some sort of feelings for them. And between you and I, I like to be tamed…only one of them could tame me. *Noelle winks*

  1. Ok Trent, since we heard this from Noelle what have you been looking for in a relationship with a woman?

Trent: (*Trent leans down and rests his elbows on his knees*) First and foremost they have to accept my son 100%. He is my world and if you can’t win him over then you have no chance with me. After you pass the Jason test, I look at your honesty and how trust worthy you are. I’ve been through hell and back and won’t do it again.  *looking over at Noelle* And a little sassiness helps. I love a woman who can dish it as much as she can take it.

*Noe chimes in* Oh, I love to take it.

  1. Trent I think we’ve all been able to see that you were carrying a torch for Noelle since Thanksgiving last year. But can you tell us what you thought about Noelle when Erin first introduced you?

Trent:  It started long before last Thanksgiving. From the moment I saw her I thought she was beautiful but damn if she didn’t annoy the shit out of me. I walked into her dorm room and my jaw dropped…then she bitched me out for dropping my coat on her bed. It took Alex leaving me to finally see that all along I wanted her. Who wouldn’t? She is perfect in every way.

  1. Noelle when did you first start to clue in that Trent looked at you as more than just a friend?

Noelle:  I was almost blindsided. Up until the party at his house, the night he went all caveman and punched Jace in the face, I didn’t think he even liked me as a person. I would have to say when Erin said he might have an issue with just being my friend things started to fall into place. Situations that happened that I didn’t understand until that moment. That maybe he did have feelings. But him shoving his finger inside me and licking it clean the next day clued me in just a bit…and turned me the fuck on.

  1. Trent what made you finally get off your butt and make your move on Noelle?

Trent:  I saw the way she was with Jace and knew if I didn’t make my move soon I might not have the chance. I was tired of acting like a pussy and not telling her how I felt. My plan was to tell her at the party. I wish I would have never invited that douche.

Ok these next few questions are for the both of you:

  1. If you had to name a song that described your relationship, what would you choose?

Noelle: “I wanna fuck you like an animal.”

*silence as Trent stares in astonishment at her*

Noelle: What?

*Trent shakes his head*

Trent: I know my song isn’t as sweet (he chuckles) as Sunshine’s but I would say “You are my Sunshine.” I don’t think I have to explain why.

  1. Favorite thing about the other?

Noelle: His hands. *entwines her fingers with his* They comfort me and make me feel secure but they also can ignite my body with a few strokes.

*Trent brings their hands up and kisses them*

Trent:  I would have to say her mouth. *chuckles* That sounds bad.  I say her mouth because she has the most beautiful voice when she sings, and she tells it like it is, and I especially love it when she says “I love you” to me. It’s the sweetest sound.

Noelle: Trent, that was sweet!

Trent: Also, I love when it’s wrapped around my…

*Noelle throws a hand over Trent’s mouth*

  1. Most annoying thing about the other?

Noelle: When Trent moves stuff around in the fridge. Drives me nuts. *looks at Trent* and why can’t you turn the condiment bottles so the label is showing? It’s not that hard.

Trent: I’d have to say when Noe yells about me not turning the condiment labels the right way, though I do it on purpose. *laughs*

10.  Morning person or Night owl?

Noelle: Are we talking about sex? Because then my answer is both. Wait, no. Morning. No! Night. Wait… all night until the morning. *Noelle winks again*

Trent: What she said.

11.  Against the wall or In the shower? (I think everyone can figure out what I’m referring to here, lol)

Trent: Against the wall. It’s sexy as hell when I can just lift up her skirt and slip it right in. A shower takes planning and balance so you don’t slip. Against the wall is in the moment and heated. There is nothing like not being able to wait a minute longer.

Noelle: *laughs* What he said.

Ok last couple and these may be tough.

12.  Noelle when did you know that Trent was it for you? Was there a moment or a series of things?

Noelle:  When Alex came to Erin’s house the night of the incident. I knew right then what kind of man Trent was.

13.  Trent sometimes it seemed like you had so much emotion that you just reacted without thinking, though at times with Noelle this worked but other times it seemed to make it worse; anything that you would change if you had the chance?

Trent:  I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason. Your past shapes your future and I’m where I am with my beautiful family because of all the crap that life threw at me. I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

14.  Noelle most swoon-worthy thing Trent has done?

*Noelle looks at Trent*

Noelle:   Well, the night he took me to the Sears Tower. I’m not a romance type of girl but that night topped any other night in the history of swoon-worthy nights.

You two are a mess!! But I loved my time with you both!! Thanks again for taking some time with us today and sharing your story!

Noelle and Trent:  Thanks for having us and enjoying our witty banter!


Amy Marie was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and now resides in Virginia Beach with her fantastically crazy husband and two kids.

As an avid reader, she never dreamed of writing her own novel until the characters started haunting her at night and in the shower.  Wanting to get it down on paper she set off on the journey that is more than she could have ever dreamed.

When not writing she can be found carting her kids around, breaking up their fights, cleaning up messes, teaching Zumba, or reading.

Amy Marie - Author Pic





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