New Releases Aplenty – So Many Good Books

Reader friends!!! Seriously there are so many new books coming out this week, some which we are lucky enough to be reviewing soon and some of which we are just salivating over! A friend said this morning in my book club that she felt like her “kindle had exploded and she didn’t know what to read next!”  So this post is going to highlight some of the new ones that are out today. I’m gonna post covers only (well and maybe a teaser or 2) just to give you an idea of some of the hotness available! Then go on over to our facebook or page and let us know what you are reading or what you are dying to read next!! I’ve just finished up the arc of Harper Sloan’s newest, UNEXPECTED FATE, and I gotta tell ya if you are a Corps Security fan you can’t miss this story of Cohen Cage and Dani Reid!! I’m also eager to read the naughtiness that will be Lauren Blakely’s FORBIDDEN NIGHTS and Toni Aleo’s BECOMING THE WHISKEY PRINCE!! So check these out! ~ Amber





forbidden nights cover

forbidden nights teaser 3

unexpected fate cover


unexpected fate 212


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