Amber Reviews: Pocketful of Sand by M. Leighton

Wendy shared her review with our release day blitz for Pocketful of Sand yesterday. Today we share my thoughts on this breathtakingly beautiful story by one of our favorites, Michelle Leighton. I hope I did it justice and that if you all haven’t added it to your libraries that it’s on your tbr lists! It is one of those books for me and I know that all three of us Geekery Girls loved it! Let us know your thoughts for sure and happy reading! ~ Amber


PicsArt_1418399153906    5 Utterly Beautiful Stars

When a book rocks me back, makes me cry and laugh and then cry more and leaves me utterly breathless – yeah well that’s when I know that putting my thoughts and feelings into words is going to be more than difficult. Such is the case with what Michelle Leighton has done to me with Pocketful of Sand. Literally it’s taken me a week to have the ability to form thoughts that I hope will do this breathtaking story a semblance of justice. There is just something about Michelle’s writing that is so beautiful, and that has never been more true than in this amazing book!

For me this book really narrows down to two essential things – these characters and this story. I know that might sound trite, but its so true! When I first read the synopsis of this book I had two thoughts, one that yay Michelle has a new book coming out, and two this story sounds beautiful! Later, I learned that Michelle actually got the idea for this story from her husband who implored her to write the story after seeing a man building sandcastles alone on the sand. (You can watch her talking about it here.) Something about the way she described the intense way this man felt she had to write this story, and the way the characters came to life was so incredibly beautiful! I can’t even tell you the amount of tears that this story and the words these characters say brought me!! (Michelle should have stock in Kleenex!)

Everyone NEEDS to read this book and meet Cole, Eden and Emmy as they may be the most amazing, breathtaking and at once heartbreaking characters to ever come out of Michelle’s amazing head! When this book opens with Eden and Emmy walking down a winter beach and coming upon this solitary man building a sandcastle I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of sadness, but at the same time a feeling of hope that these people needed each other. This became the simple truth of the story, at least for me, that even those of us that are the most broken can and need to find those that make our broken whole once again. That is true for Cole, Eden and Emmy. Their reasons for being broken may be different but they had commonality in the fact that those things have left them isolated, running and feeling as if they don’t deserve anymore than what they have. These beliefs get blown to bits when they meet, Cole and Eden are drawn to each other in a way that is scary as hell but begins to heal them in unexpected ways. I don’t want to say anything more than this because you just need to experience them and Michelle’s brilliance for yourselves, but let me say this that she covers all her bases with this story and gives the reader two doors to choose (I’ll say I’m a door 1 girl, but I read both because I just couldn’t not!)from so hold onto your horses!!



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