Before Someday Trailer Premiere

Well I have a treat for y’all this afternoon!! Hopefully you all saw the post I did for the Before Someday cover reveal a week  or so ago and then Julie released part one of Alex’s Say, Before Someday: The Wait last week. Well today we have the trailer for this book and I have to say that once again Becca the Bibliophile has created magic! I love this trailer, well because I love this series and am so glad we get Alex’s side of the story now; but I admit watching it left me a bit teary. This series just seems to hit me where I feel. Every. Single. Time. So enjoy it and go check out part 1 of the story available now! ~ Amber

Before Someday Trailer

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you have ever seen?

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Part One: The Wait

Available now!

99 Cents… Release Week Only!

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The Complete Novel

Coming March 29, 2015

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The Double Threat Series…

The books that started your long-lasting love affair and obsession with Alex.

Put your hair up, grab some popcorn, kick off your flip-flops and devour this four-book young adult romantic comedy series.

(These books have mature content that is intended for older young adult audiences.)


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