New Release & Author Interview: Sunshine & Whiskey by R.L. Griffin

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I am beyond excited to get to share Sunshine & Whiskey by R.L. Griffin with you today! R.L. is one of my very favorite authors/people and this book is so fun and amazing. Grab your best friend, an adult beverage and prepare to have so much freaking fun! R.L. Griffin also joined me for a quick-fire road trip with R.L. Griffin fun interview.

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Title: Sunshine & Whiskey

Author: R.L. Griffin

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cover Designer: Silver Plum Creations

Release Date: April 21st, 2015



S & W Book Cover front

Sometimes the best things in life come from the unexpected. So if you lower your expectations, then you’ll never be disappointed. Sound cheesy? It is, but it’s also true. Clichés come from a grain of truth…like a man with a Porsche is compensating for something, or once a cheater always a cheater—you get the idea. Sorry, I digress. I’m supposed to be telling you what this book is about.

I’m Megan Walker, a lawyer at one of the hottest boutique law firms in Atlanta. I’m on the fast track to making partner and have my entire life planned out…or I did.

We all know how that goes, right? Best laid plans and all that.

Life just threw me a couple curveballs, so I’ve set out to take things into my own hands. By throwing caution to the wind and getting out of my A-type personality bubble, I’m learning more about myself than I have in my twenty-seven years.

Sound like a chick flick, doesn’t it?

It’s not.


5 stars

It is no secret that I love R.L. Griffin, there is nothing this woman can write that I won’t read! I absolutely loved Sunshine & Whiskey – it was so fun and I laughed so hard! This book was so much fun to read that I can guarantee you won’t want to put it down!

Megan Walker’s life takes an unexpected turn when she makes a quick stop at home during lunch to find her boyfriend in her bed with his secretary. She handles this situation in one of the best ways I’ve ever read! I seriously adore this woman, she’s brilliant. So, after handling said situation, with epic bad-assery, she ends up buying a lottery ticket and booze. That same day Megan receives a call from her best friend, Laura telling her she’s lost her job.

Megan sees this as a great opportunity for a visit and while Laura is there they discover that Megan has indeed won the lottery, a couple hundred million dollars!!

And so begins an absolutely EPIC road trip for Megan and Laura! They decide to get in the car and go, they are going to drive across country with the goal of ending up in Napa, CA.

There are so many laughs in S & W, but there is also a great story here. On this fantastic road trip, there is also a trip of self-discovery, for both Megan and Laura. R.L. Griffin does an amazing job of blending the absolutely funny with real life challenges. She does a brilliant job blending the fun and the reality of the lives of these women.

I don’t want to give away the fun that I experienced while reading Sunshine & Whiskey, there are some things you just have to experience yourself, but as with all of R.L. Griffin’s books, I didn’t just read it I experienced it! She made me laugh and feel and experience (and she didn’t make me CRY) and I loved every minute.

I can tell you that between cheese puffs, getting lost in Vegas (which I might add, I’m an expert at, thank you R.L.), hooker boots and wine yoga, there is an amazing story of not just love but beautiful self-discovery. There is just Magic! 😉

I am so happy R.L. Griffin took a chance on writing a book to make readers laugh. Sunshine & Whiskey is a wonderful journey that had me re-thinking how I feel about hot dog buns and making me want to call my best friend to tell her how much I love her! I completely love this book and the author and cannot wait for more!!

I received an advanced copy to review for The Geekery Book Review.



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Road Trip with R.L. Griffin Quick-Fire

1. First song you play in the car?
It depends on my mood, but it’s usually Matthew Mayfield. 
2. CD you put on repeat for a long drive?
Matthew Mayfield and Miranda Lambert, Foo Fighters is in the rotation as well. 
3. Go-to snack on the first stop?
Ugh, well if I’m trying to be healthy…just kidding, Cheese Puffs. 
4. Beverage must-have?
Water. Sometimes coffee, depends on how far I’m traveling. 
5. Are you the driver or the passenger?
​6. Do you take the long way or the short way?
Short way. 
7. Convertible or sunroof?
8. If you could get in the car now, where would you go first?
A little island in South Carolina that doesn’t let me carry my worries across the bridge. 
9. Favorite thing about taking a road trip?
Your real life is on pause. 






Sauls -   014

R.L. Griffin published her first book in 2004. After that she focused on practicing law. A few years ago she began writing the By A Thread series, which is out now. Her goal is to keep readers on their toes, whether it’s the plot twist or the book itself, her books are outside any box. There is a little bit of grit in most of her books and a ton of cussing. Most books are enjoyed better with a glass of wine, or whiskey, whatever your poison may be.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband, kid and dogs. She loves to travel and meet readers.


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