New Release & Review: Kellen’s Redemption by Aden Lowe

Today I’m excited to share Aden Lowe’s new release, Kellan’s Redemption. If you like bad boys and motorcycles this book is definitely for you!

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Release Day Blitz for Kellen’s Redemption by Aden Lowe

Title: Kellen’s Redemption
Aden Lowe
Release Date:
May 28th, 2015
MC Romance / Action & Suspense Romance
Series: Hell Raiders


Outlaw MC President Kellen and debutante/illegal arms dealer Vicki face many challenges before they can explore their interest in each other, beginning with staying alive. Sparks fly between the two when they meet for a gun deal, but Kellen doesn’t know the Russian mob has put a price on Vicki’s head. He and his Club could end up in the middle of all-out war as paid guns. Does Kellen like Vicki enough to risk his neck by getting involved?

Can Vicki trust his help? Or is he another part of the trap her father’s old foes have laid? How will she know the difference before it’s too late?

Kellen's Redemption cover F


4 Stars

As a fan of the Hunted Love series I wasn’t sure that Aden Lowe could really make me like Kellan, but he’s done it! I am a Kellan fan!

When we first met Kellan, the president of the Hell Raiders motorcycle club, he was going after Jakob and Kate, now that mess is over and he’s met arms dealer Vicki. There’s something about this woman that gets his attention, which is rare, he typically has one purpose for women and once satisfied he moves on. But there is something special about Vicki, she’s captured his attention and also challenges him. She’s not the kind of woman to obey.

When the Russian mob makes a hit on Vicki’s family, Kellan steps up to protect her, but it will take more than the Hell Raiders to beat the Russian mob.

I really enjoyed following this story, to see Kellan realize that he actually does have a heart and it works, and for the action of going after the mob. As I mentioned before, I had doubts that I could get invested in Kellan’s story, but I really did. He’s definitely not a nice guy, but I really did see the transformation as he realized what Vicki meant to him. There are definitely strong personalities in this book and I enjoyed seeing how they all interacted. And I loved loved loved Vicki and her no-nonsense attitude!

Aden Lowe delivered another book that kept me reading from page one to the end. I really liked the action of the book and definitely want to see what happens next.

I was provided with an advanced copy to review for The Geekery Book Review.


The edge of the mattress bumped his knees and he lowered them both across the bed. Her hips welcomed him, arching up to meet his thrust. Nails stroked lightly across his neck, dragging a ragged groan from him.

“You’d better get rid of these clothes before I tear them off you, baby. I can’t wait.” That voice grabbed him by the balls and spurred him on.

Kellen stood long enough to kick off his boots and folded his cut across the back of the chair against the wall. Jeans and shirt followed. “You better get rid of that dress, little girl, before I finish ripping it off you.”

A lazy smile curved her lips. “I dare you.”

A surge of pure heat settled in his belly. “I was hoping you’d say that.” The torn edge of her gown felt thin as tissue between his fingers as he lifted it away from her body. The tear ended at the top of her shapely thigh, tempting him to rip it the rest of the way and reveal all of her. But no. He’d looked forward to this moment too much to rush. He fully intended to take his sweet time.

Instead of devouring her immediately, he dropped to his knees beside the bed. The fancy shoes intrigued him, the way they emphasized the delicate arch of her foot and the fragile bones of her ankle. Rather than remove them, he kissed along the curve of her instep and found his way to her calf.

An impatient noise came from her and she moved to pull away, but he held her fast. “Kellen, please, this is not time for foreplay.” She hissed a little when his tongue found the back of her knee.

“Little girl, this ain’t foreplay. This is me making every inch of you mine.” The moan of frustration she made brought a smile to his lips. She would be as finely tuned to him as his bike before he finished, ready to respond to his every thought.


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