New Release & GIVEAWAY: Forever Winter by Christopher Scott Wagoner

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Today I’m excited to share Forever Winter by Christopher Scott Wagoner with you, and we are also giving away two e-books of Forever Winter to two commenters at the end of this post, so make sure you leave a comment for us.

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Summary Forever Winter:

Steve Borgia should be happy that Autumn Winters is back in his life. A drunken brawl with a prostitute has cost Steve his teaching job, though, forcing him to flip burgers at the Greece Hut. Plus, Steve never knows if, or when, Autumn’s going to skip town again.

Fed up with his fast food career, Steve decides to follow in his famous father’s footsteps and return to the wrestling ring. The money’s good, but the new job is taking its toll on both his body and his relationship with Autumn. Even if they get past their tumultuous breakup/make up, will Steve be in any condition to enjoy it?

Meanwhile, electric guitar virtuoso and arachnid expert Eleanor Crawley has to navigate her own crisis. When her boyfriend Phil is caught in a compromising position with a co-worker and the image goes viral on social media, she is utterly humiliated. But is dumping Phil for a guy like quintessential “lady’s man” Rich Richards really a good idea? And if she could only quit dreaming about being in bed with Steve…and Autumn…

Forever Winter takes you from the mean streets of New York City to the neon lights of Tokyo. You’ll laugh, you’ll sigh, and you’ll be glad you came along for the ride.

Jenn Review4 Stars

I definitely enjoyed getting the whole gang together again in Forever Winter! I totally fell for this geeky group in Forever Autumn and was happy to see a second book!

Steve and Autumn are recovering from some of the events they previously faced, now Steve is working crappy odd-jobs trying to make ends meet after an unfortunate fight with a transvestite that cost Steve his teaching job.  He is struggling emotionally as well as financially, trying to trust that Autumn truly does love him. When an opportunity to follow in his famous wrestler father’s footsteps comes about, it is an opportunity Steve can’t afford to pass up.

We also get a lot of Crawley and Phil’s story in this book, which I definitely enjoyed even though they are facing their own difficulties and insecurities. Phil is in love for the first time, but wonders if it’s enough and Crawley doubts his feelings for her as well.

One thing I love about these books is how realistic these characters are; I feel like I could be friends with these guys or see them at work. They are your everyday people and they are dealing with everyday struggles. I loved following them on this journey and was rooting for them all the way, and cringing a little at some of the behind the scenes wrestler secrets – OW!

Forever Winter was a great follow-up to Forever Autumn and I’m so glad I found these books and these characters. Autumn and Steve are just perfect for each other, so wonderfully written to complement each other, imperfections and all. I loved this whole group, especially Sven and his can of ass-whip, I swear I giggled every time! This is definitely a fun series to read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some real life fun, endearing characters.

I was provided with and ARC to review for The Geekery Book Review.

Excerpt from Forever Winter

Steve’s jaw set hard, and he put his hand on her knee.

“I need you Autumn, I really do, the way grass needs rain.”

She put her hand on top of his, eyes boring deeply into his own.

“I know. I need you too, Steve. Don’t you believe that?”

“I do believe it. But I need more than that. I need you to believe.

I need to know that you believe in me, in us.”

Autumn’s jaw fell open, and she stiffened. Her voice had a scoffing

note to it when she spoke.

“I believe in us!”

“Do you?” Steve said, but she had stuck her head out the window

to yell at a particularly nasty driver she had offended.

“Blow it out your ass, you cum stain!” she bellowed at top volume.

“Yeah, I’m talking to you! What? What you gonna do? My boyfriend is

huge! He’ll kick your ass!”

When she pulled her head back inside the car, he had to smile

a bit.

“Let’s go before we end up on one of those video clip shows where

people fight in the middle of traffic.”

“I like those shows,” she said with a giggle, causing more bedlam

in traffic as she rudely pulled out in front of another car. “Especially

the ones with Sheriff John what’s his name, you know the guy with

the orange spray tan and that annoying ‘told you so’ voice?”

“These fugitives,” Steve said in a high pitched, annoying way,

“thought they were going to get a free ride. But they couldn’t drive

far enough to escape the long arm of the law!”

Autumn chortled so hard she nearly slammed into the rear of a huge pickup truck. 

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Summary for Forever Autumn:

Life’s going well for Steven Borgia. Sure, he may not be a famous professional wrestler like his father, the legendary Deathslayer, but he has carved out a niche for himself as a beloved kindergarten teacher in New York City. There’s just one thing missing: someone special to share his life with.

When Steve meets the sharp-tongued Autumn—a big wrestling fan—he’s mesmerized by her sarcastic and bold personality. Feisty and foul-mouthed, she seizes life by the throat and refuses to let it go. They may seem like opposites at first, but they complement each other very well. After all, differences make good sparks, and there are plenty of sparks both in and out of the bedroom.

Steve’s new happiness is threatened, however, when Autumn’s life is in jeopardy. Only her estranged father can save her, and he’s nowhere to be found. Can Steve and his bizarre assortment of friends and family reconcile the two before tragedy strikes?

Author Bio:

Christopher Scott Wagoner:  Strange visitor from another world!  Jettisoned from his planet at an early age, he was adopted by a kindly midwestern couple and taught to fight for truth, justice, and the Native American way!

When he’s not busy saving the Galaxy, Chris finds time to pen fiction novels.  Forever Autumn is his first book without dragons in it.  He is rumored to enjoy Professional Wrestling, cartoons, and jokes that fall on the ‘offensive’ side.  Unsubstantiated accusations that he used to teach preschool have never been confirmed by him, but he has a lot of pee stories.


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