New Release & Review: One Beautiful Revenge by J. Evans

J. Evans or Jessie Evans, I don’t care who she writes as I just love her storytelling! So excited that this latest in the Wild Rush series is finally here! This one is not your typical ride, it has twists and turns and makes you look at the often ugly side of things in order to find the beauty. I hope if you haven’t read this series that you will give it a look. These are definitely books best read in order, so keep that in mind. Check out my review below. Happy Reading! ~ Amber




A dark, sexy, emotionally charged romance by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jessie Evans writing as J. Evans.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold…


It’s been a year since I learned the truth about the scandal at Sterling University. Since then I have become a cold bastard with a block of ice and hate where my heart used to be. But when I board the plane to Costa Rica I look like a laid back surfer without a care in the world. I haven’t decided whether to kill Todd, Jeremy, J.D., and Scott while they’re living it up on their senior trip, or just make them wish they were dead, but I know one thing—whatever I decide, no one is going to suspect I’m the one responsible.

I have planned the perfect revenge. At least I think I have. Then I see her…


They say great minds think alike, but I’m shocked when I return from the beach in Costa Rica to find Danny waiting on my balcony. After all we’ve been through, I was afraid there would be no way back to the easy love we once had. But soon I learn that our shared enemies have made us stronger and our connection more powerful and passionate than it was before.

Now we just have to decide—carry through with our dark plans, or get out before it’s too late.



PicsArt_1418399153906   5 Stars

Wow! Wow! Wow! This book.This series. Talk about the ugly amongst the beautiful, Sam & Danny’s story concludes here in ONE BEAUTIFUL REVENGE and it does so with heat, intrigue, danger and love. If you haven’t read this series, or at the very least THIS SWEET ESCAPE – STOP RIGHT NOW! If you have read it, then proceed and enjoy the ride that Sam and Danny take us on because I promise it is worth the trip!

Jessie Evans has once again woven a story that may not be all hearts and flowers, but is never short on the beauty that comes when your soul finds the one that makes you whole. That’s what Sam and Danny do for each other. Sam is hell bent on seeking revenge on the four men that altered her life and made her feel less than, and she feels that she can only do it alone. Thus she has disappeared from her family and friends, more importantly from Danny; but Danny is not about to go away without a fight. Once they reconnect Sam begins to realize that she is not devoid of feelings for Danny or anything that they have always shared, and he sure hasn’t given up on her! While the plan that they devise is definitely dark, and the experiences that Sam survived are even more so, the way that Jessie tells those things works. She’s brings a spotlight on a subject that happens far too often in our world, and while the way Sam & Danny deal with it is not pretty it works in this book. Sometimes the hard stories and hard lessons bring so much to us, and for me this book achieved that so well!

“Sometimes, we’re like an oak, growing past an old hurt, burying it under layers of new growth, moving forward and getting stronger despite the scar buried beneath the healthy outer shell.”

“They say love and hate are opposite sides of the same coin, the two great transformative forces in the universe. One leads to light and freedom, the other feeding a fire that will consume you whole.”

“Love lies. Love whispers that living well and loving well are the best revenge. It convinces you to let go, step back, and leave justice in the hands of God or karma or some other imaginary thing that will never get the job done”

“She will always be my girl. I will always love her, even if her love for me is one of the things she’s had to burn aay in order to rise from the ashes of what those animals did to her.”

“Love isn’t making me soft, it’s taking the weapon forged by hate and refining it in the fire Danny and I made together, transforming it into something even sharper and more deadly. Hate gave me something worth dying for, but this is worth living for.”



wild rush


J. Evans (also known as New York Times Bestselling author Jessie Evans) writes edge of your seat romantic suspense and steamy New Adult reads. Her high octane love stories written as J. Evans include the Wild Rush series, which the Books and Beyond Fifty Shades Blog called “an emotional rollercoaster and…a sexy beast.” She also writes hot cowboys and sweet and sexy small town romances as Jessie Evans. Learn more at

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