Exclusive Excerpt: True Confessions of a Male Stripper by Jake Butler

Today I am so excited to introduce you all to a new author, Jake Butler! He’s awesome enough to give us some exclusive teasers and excerpts from his upcoming book, True Confessions of a Male Stripper, coming this fall.

I’m definitely excited about this read, it’s already on my TBR list and hopefully you’ll be adding it to yours too! I want to thank Jake so much for sharing this with us today! Make sure to go give him some love on Facebook!




Exclusive excerpt: True Confessions of a Male Stripper
(c) Jake Butler – June 2015
As I was ‘hiding away’ in the kitchen, I set about trying to tidy the the place up a little. I was stacking plates and washing glasses when Jane wandered out and started chatting to me. Jane seemed somewhat different to most of the other girls at the party, and as we talked she picked up a tea towel and started drying as I washed up. We chatted more and it became apparent that she was also a little indignant at the behaviour of some of the other girls and on appearances at least, came across to me as being much more conservative than the majority.
We continued to chat away, before she mentioned that she worked for a company that frequently visited Harriet’s restaurant, and hadn’t known many of the other girls prior to the party. It was now abundantly clear that she was unimpressed with the amount of alcohol consumed by some, and mentioned to me that a fair amount of conversation had been around the fact that I’d performed a triple x rated show recently at the CFNM party. I was intrigued, and pressed her a little. ‘What are the girls saying exactly then?’
‘Well…’ responded Jane – ‘Did you really do all of those things? It’s just that you just seem too much of a gentleman to be masturbating in front of a group of horny girls’….
I was a little taken aback – it was clear that they knew pretty much everything about what I’d done at Karen’s CFNM party. I tried quickly to hide any trace of surprise from my face and voice
‘Well…’ I began, before Jane cut me off…
‘And, I have to ask Jake, can you really cum on countdown?….surely you can’t?’
The fact that it was the more bookish Jane asking me these questions was really buzzing me… Whist I confess that I was a little embarrassed, I was feeling a mixture of self consciousness and arousal. Moreover, her very genuine and seemingly innocent line of questions were playing tricks with my mind – she was both puzzling me and turning me on in equal amounts… I moved a little nearer to the cupboards under the sink, as I could feel a familiar throbbing in my cock…. I couldn’t work out if she was really the innocent one or whether I was beginning to detect a well hidden, latent devious streak in her…Either way, my black shorts were very brief and very tight, and I didn’t want her to see me stiffening in front of her.
That said, I had a devious urge to flirt back a little… ‘Well, yes… I suppose appearances can sometimes be deceptive can’t they?… Often at a party, I’ll just go with it in the name of entertainment’…
Jane was only just beginning however – ‘On that note, is it all just a show, or do you enjoy it it too?’ she asked…
I was enjoying this, and decided to be a little more open and direct – ‘In all honesty I love it” I replied… ‘I love the way it makes me feel, the way the girls look at me, how I feel like I’m just a piece of meat’
I half thought I might shock her a little and move her off the front foot, but I had badly miscalculated her. ‘Interesting’ she replied ‘I think from a female perspective it’s even more of a turn on knowing that the guy is genuinely into it, rather than going through the motions’…
Get in touch with Jake Butler
Jake Butler
Twitter id: @JakeB_CFNM
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You can also find more about Jake and check out some of the take-overs he’s done:
Sisi’s Book Whores Takeover – One Night Stand with Jake Butler: https://www.facebook.com/events/1628240667420616/

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