Teaser Palooza: Beverly Preston’s Taste of Summer (Matthews Family Series)

How about a couple of teasers to brighten up our night? Who’s read the Matthews Family Series by Beverly Preston, raise your hands? (If both hands aren’t up you’ve got some hotness to discover stat!) Well Beverly is back with a new story, which could be read as standalone but is more fun if you’ve read the others just trust me. So here we go with a couple of great teasers and make sure you go pre-order this one too because Ryan & Carrie Ann have a great story for you!! Enjoy! ~ Amber

taste of summer cover

Book Summary

Most people know Hollywood heartthrob, Ryan Summer, as Ryan, no last name required. But once upon a time, he was just Summer to Carrie Ann—before a decade of blockbuster hits skyrocketed his success into superstardom.

Summer was smart, gorgeous, and cocky as hell. Nothing was out of his reach. Not even Carrie Ann Lowell. He was the love of her life—until he shattered her heart. Their breakup left more than a profound rift in her soul. It crushed her.

When Carrie Ann’s college flame forces his way back into her life, his dirty-talking, bold self-assurance re-ignites a passion she thought had long since been extinguished. Carrie Ann didn’t believe in second chances.

Not even for him.

No matter how deliciously tempting.

With sparks flying and hidden truths unraveling, will Carrie Anne be able to deny her desires to save herself from another heart break?


Pre-order Taste of Summer on Amazon HERE


The Matthews Family Series

mathews family box set


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