New 5 Star Review: Honesty by Seth King

Today I am excited to share Honesty by Seth King. This book was amazing! It was powerful and emotional and made me feel everything! Honesty is truly something special.

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A radiant story of first love and self-acceptance for fans of John Green, Jandy Nelson, and Rainbow Rowell

“Maybe we weren’t meant to collide. Maybe we were meant to explode.”

As a closeted teenager in the Deep South with a holy-roller father and the scars to prove it, bookworm Cole Furman has resigned himself to experiencing life and love only within the pages of his favorite novels. But after Nick Flores seems to walk off a page and starts to rewrite his story, Cole finds his dreams spinning into a dazzling – and complicated – reality.

If you have ever found yourself on the wild breathless thriller ride that is young love, Honesty will rip you back again in screaming color.

Jenn Review

5+++ Stars

Honesty – one word that carries so much meaning, well that’s how I feel about Seth King’s book Honesty. This is one of the most powerful books I’ve read, taking me through every emotion. I was happy, sad, angry, hurt…every single one. Seth King does a remarkable job of making the reader FEEL everything that is happening in his book as though you are experiencing it yourself.

Honesty is the story of young Cole Furman and his first love, that first true love that completely consumes you. There are moments of pure beauty in this book, experiencing true love and the power of what it really is. But there are moments of tragic pain as well, losing that love, fighting for it again and again only to lose it again and again.

This was not the easiest book I’ve ever read, it broke my heart over and sometimes made me angry but the story that is Coley and Nicky will be one that stays with me. There is so much these two experience in their time together. They face issues that are very real and present, whether it was their own self-doubts, dysfunctional families, societal judgements or bigotry, Coley and Nicky seemed to have the deck stacked against them. But, despite all that they did find love. It wasn’t perfect but it was theirs.

I want to commend Seth King for writing this book, for pouring his heart out and making me feel so deep and for completely capturing my heart. This book will make you think, or at least I hope it will, about what it is to be treated differently, to be judged. Cole’s journey is emotional and painful and honest and it doesn’t end with that perfectly wrapped up HEA with a big fat bow, but he did (or at least I hope) find his strength and discovers that he really does have the ability to change the world. And he doesn’t have to change who he is either.

Honesty broke my heart and made me cry, but it was certainly one of the best books I’ve read. It’s real and raw and passionate. Seth’s writing is phenomenal, his story powerful and I strongly recommend Honesty! I want to thank you Seth King, for sharing ColeyandNickyville and the boy with the galaxy eyes.

“There’s nothing wrong with chandeliers”

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amazonAbout Seth King


Seth King is a twenty-five-year-old American author.

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