Review: Rushing the Goal (Assassins #8) by Toni Aleo

Hey all!! So we ran the release blitz for Rushing the Goal on Monday and I promised my review was coming, and here it is! I’m also sharing a couple of my favorite teasers. This book was such a wonderful, emotion-filled ride for me and I hope that you will all meet Lucy, Benji, the Sinclairs and the rest of the Assassins soon if you haven’t already!! They are amazing! Toni Aleo’s writing and story-telling just gets better with each book in my opinion! Happy reading! ~ Amber

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amber review 5 Star Review

Every time Toni Aleo adds to the Assassins series I think that she can’t possibly improve on the book before, and really Overtime was one of the most emotionally charged books from her yet, so when I say that RUSHING THE GOAL just exceeded my every expectation I do so honestly.

Everything about Benji and Lucy was just right. The right people at the right time in all the right ways. Lucy Sinclair has been fascinating me since she came onto the scene in Boarded by Love, and I am so glad that she’s finally getting her time in the spotlight! Between her and her adorable daughter Angie, there is so much sass, snark and independence! Lucy wants to do it all on her own; though she accepts some help from her family she never wants to be seen as helpless. She’s had some really bad luck in her past in the form of the ex-husband from hell and it’s easy to see why Lucy stays away from men and relationships. She wants the same happiness that her brothers and mom have found, but she just doesn’t believe that she can have it because she doesn’t trust anyone easily.

Benji Paxton may have just become my favorite Assassin ever in so many ways!! We met him in Overtime and he broke my heart with his backstory. He wants what he sees his friends and teammates having, a family; but at the same time he’s not sure that he deserves it after losing his over a decade ago. When Benji fills in for Jayden Sinclair in helping coach his neices’ hockey team, he finds a possibility at his future in Lucy, even if she hates him in the beginning.

Watching Benji convince Lucy they belong together was a thing of beauty. Benji teaching Lucy that he is good for her and that she can be happy, and that it is okay to trust in a man again without losing her ability to care for herself or her child. The story was also about Benji coming to terms with his past and believing that he can have the forever family he thought he’d never deserve. He, Lucy and Angie just blew me away! So many emotions in this story, both from each of their pasts as well as the things they confront on the road to happiness. Toni Aleo’s storytelling just continues to give me all the feels and makes me love this group do people more and more with each book!

Some of my favorite things:
Lucy’s brothers (Jude, Jayden and Jace). So funny and loyal. They are ridiculous at how they both pick at each other but also how they hold each other up.

Angie is in a category all of her own! This kid is smart, intuitive and so funny!

The Assassins crew. Love all the looks at our favorite Assassins players and wives!!

Mark Sinclair. I can’t believe that I’m actually calling him a favorite thing, bc let’s face it he has not endeared himself in the past (if you haven’t read the Bellevue Bullies, well here’s where you need to). But here in this book, the way he steps up for Lucy and Angie? Man oh man, I actually liked him and hope that he’s able to repair his relationships w/his family.

“…it’s easier to hide from the fear of rejection and pain than to put yourself out there and try.”

“I think you need a hug.” “Yeah, I think I do.”

“You’re so worried about failing everyone else that you don’t think about yourself.”

“You also cover your real feelings with sass. It’s pretty funny to watch.”

“I swear, you are impossible. Why are you rushing this? Just let it ride.” L
“Cause it’s what I do. I rush the goal to score. You are the ultimate goal, and I want to score.” B

“If he couldn’t love her through the hard times, why should he be allowed to love her during her good ones?”

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