Blog Tour: On Higher Ground by Melissa Collins

Well today is the day that Jenn and I get to express our love for Dax and Beck! We are honored to get to be a part of this blog tour for ON HIGHER GROUND! The follow-up novel for Melissa Collins’ On Solid Ground that blew us both away! We hope that you will enjoy both of our reviews and check out the other goodies included here because Melissa is giving away a Kindle! Happy reading! ~ Amber



HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Dax and Beck are LIVE and waiting for you!

Have you grabbed your copy?






Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00037]

When there’s no peace after war…

When there’s no solace after death…

When there’s only pain and suffering…

Anxiety and loss…

All you can hope to find is something more…

Something that makes you whole and complete

Something that puts you

On Higher Ground


Jenn Review 5 Stars

5 Stars

Dax and Beck are back and amazing and I LOVE THEM SO HARD! On Higher Ground is the sequel to On Solid Ground and for me it delivered on every level. Dax and Beck’s love is passionate, deep and solid, but it’s not without challenges. Melissa Collins does a fantastic job of combining that hot passion with real life issues and also showing how to work through them and build a stronger love.

Dax and Beck, along with the adorable and sassy Violet, are together and planning their future, but Dax continues to struggle with his PTSD and anxiety. He tries to keep it from Beck, he doesn’t want him worry or to not be worthy of his love. Beck can feel him pulling away and struggles with his own frustrations as Dax avoids actually getting married. These two don’t give up though, they work through it all – together.

This story is everything! I felt for everything both men were going through (although there were a few moments where I felt a smack to the head wouldn’t be a bad thing) and the struggles felt very real. It’s their love though, for each other and Violet that is the real story here. Melissa beautifully shows that just because you find your person, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy and perfect but it’s definitely worth it. Going through life’s struggles with that person makes you better, stronger and complete.

With you, I want the world.

I loved everything about this book and fell more in love with these characters than I even thought was possible. I feel like I could go on and on about what I loved about this story, every moment and detail that touched my heart, but it would be easier to just read the book. Melissa Collins does not add unnecessary angst or drama to the story, she makes it real and powerful. In the end I was left with a smile and a happy heart. Dax, Beck, Violet and the whole gang have a forever place in my heart and these books are absolute favorites for me! I cannot wait to see what she creates for us next! (I do have to say I’m curious to see if there is a Micah story coming)

amber review 5 Stars

Oh how I missed these men! Dax and Beck left me wanting more in On Solid Ground just because I loved them and the life that they were creating together, so I was over the moon excited when Melissa Collins announced she was writing a continuation to their story! This book had so many feels for me and I don’t want to rehash them all. Just read it and you’ll see what I mean. I’m not even sure I have words sufficient to express how much this story touched me!

One of the things that I have always loved about Melissa’s writing and storytelling is the realness. There is drama and angst for sure but it’s not unnecessarily there, it’s real and honest. Which is also true of Dax and Beck. These two together are beauty and comfort and passion. They are also loyal and dedicated to not only supporting the other, but in creating a happy family for themselves and Violet. Man, that little sugar pop is just the most adorable little spitfire; no one can bring these two to heel quite like Miss Violet can. The way she loves her two dads and the way they love her is precious and wonderful.

“Don’t ask for easier battles. Ask for stronger soldiers.”

Even though Dax and Beck are happy together, they aren’t without their bumps in the road. Between Dax’s continued struggle with his ptsd issues and his insecurities about their wedding to Beck confronting the re-emergence of his father to Violet’s on-going adjustment to losing her mom. They all served to show how even a happily ever after can continue to grow and develop.

I loved everything about this story! It’s the perfect continuation to their story! It’s about their adjustment to the future and a reminder that it’s not always easy but as long as they have their love they can conquer anything! I love this line toward the end of the book; “I got this good because of you. And you’ll get this good because of me. And we’ll build a good life together because of each other.” I think that perfectly sums up Dax and Beck. Apart they were drifting and in some ways floundering, but what they found in the other helped the create a forever that was beyond their hopes and dreams. I mean that’s what we are all searching for isn’t it?! Dax, Beck and Violet will forever be special to me and I thank Melissa once again for creating and sharing them with us all!



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