New Release: Smolder by Karen Erickson

Happy Release Day to Karen Erickson! Smolder is Wildwood #2 and features Lane and Delilah! Check out my review and great teasers!

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smolder cover

Lane Gallagher wants Delilah Moore – bad.

He’s imagined the sexy brunette in his bed more times than he can count.

She’s everything he’s ever wanted, but the only problem is…

She’s his brother’s ex.

For years, the stoic sheriff’s deputy has fantasized about the sweet, bubbly dance teacher who stirs his deepest desires. But Lane’s too loyal to ever move in on forbidden territory and he knows that while he can look, he definitely can’t touch. Fighting his attraction to Delilah is nearly impossible, but the infuriating-and incredibly sexy-woman seems determined to drive him crazy.

And she’s bringing him to his knees. One smoldering kiss at a time.


SmolderTeaser1 (1)

Jenn Review

3.5 – 4 Stars
Smolder is book #2 in the Wildwood series and has that classic feel of the meant to be but stubborn couple story. This book in the series features Lane and Delilah, they’ve known each other pretty much their whole lives and they’ve wanted each other too! There are issues though, Lane doesn’t believe in relationships and love plus there’s the fact that Delilah dated, briefly, his brother West. Delilah has wanted Lane since she was a teenager and now she’s going for it.

There is definitely an instant chemistry that can be felt between these two, even when they are arguing. They are really hot together! But, they are both pretty stubborn, Lane not giving in and Delilah getting frustrated with him, so it takes a while for them to finally get on the same page.

I really liked Lane, even though he could be a bit rough. I felt like I understood him and where he was coming from. His parents’ marriage certainly didn’t set any kind of good example for him and he doesn’t want that kind of life. He certainly thinks Delilah deserves better than what he can give her. I really felt for him with everything he was dealing with, whether his own feelings or being the go-to for his family.

I went back and forth with Delilah, sometimes really liking her and other times not at all. There were times when I felt she was very selfish and vain, but then she would turn around and do something kind. In the end, I think I ended up liking her more because I loved Lane and she was what Lane wanted, but alone she didn’t do much for me.

I did enjoy their story overall, they are feisty and hot together, and clearly care about each other. Once everything was on the table and feelings truly revealed, it’s definitely a story of meant to be! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next in this series!

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About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson is a firm believer in romance and happily ever afters. The author of too many contemporary romance books to count, she lives in central California on 14 acres of property with her husband, three kids, one dog and too many cats. Being a romance writer and bringing her characters to life is her greatest dream come true.

IGNITE, her newest release, is the first in her new Wildwood series with Avon Impulse.

Connect with Karen:







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