New Review and GIVEAWAY: A Place to Call Their Own by Dean Frech

Today I’m thrilled to share A Place to Call Their Own by Dean Frech. This is a historical m/m and I loved this sweet story. Make sure you enter the GIVEAWAY for your chance to win an e-copy of the book!

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Is it possible for two Civil War veterans to find their place in the world on the Kansas prairie?

Frank Greerson and Gregory Young have been discharged from the Army and are headed to their childhood homes. They both defied their parents in 1861 when they joined the Army. After battling southern rebels and preserving the Union of the United States of America, the two men set out to battle the Kansas Prairie and build a life together. Once they find their claim, they encounter common obstacles to life on the Kansas Prairie in 1866:  Native Americans, tornadoes, wild animals, and weather.

When a prairie fire destroys their crops and takes their neighbor’s lives, Frank and Gregory are instructed to find their young son’s aunt. Faced with leaving a destroyed claim, the railroad coming through their land, and dwindling funds, Frank and Gregory must decide whether to leave the place they have worked hard to make their own or fulfill their friends’ dying wishes.

Jenn Review

4 Stars
I have to start by saying I don’t typically read historicals so this was a new style of story for me, but definitely one I truly enjoyed! I found myself immediately invested in this story and these characters!

Frank and Gregory served together in the Army and now that they have been discharged they want to head west, find some land and have a home, together. They want a chance to build a life together, with some privacy and space to grow their farm and love each other. Despite their families urging them to stay in Iowa and farm there, they both are adamant to go on this journey.

There is a lot to love about this story, from the genuine care and love that Frank and Gregory have for each other to the setting of the story itself. I actually thought it was fun to be transported back in time, the descriptions of how they had to travel and even the food they ate. These two definitely face a lot of challenges along the way, but no matter what they deal with them together and that is probably my favorite thing about this book.

The heat level is very low in this story, but I felt like it was more about their love for each other and emotional connection than the physical side of things. Frank and Gregory have a strong bond that will not be broken, tested yes, but not broken. Overall I really enjoyed this story, it was well developed with strong characters and even great supporting characters as well. I would definitely love to see more from these characters and what is next in their journey! This was my first book by Dean Frech but definitely not my last!

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About Dean Frech

May 2016 Bio pic

With inspiration from historical tourism sites, the love of reading, and a desire to write a novel, Dean started crafting his debut novel, A Place to Call Their Own, in 2008. After four years of writing and polishing the manuscript, it was accepted and originally published 2013. His second novel, Disappear With Me, set in Edwardian England was published later that same year. Both novels were re-released in May 2015.

Dean lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his two cats. He’s involved in his church and enjoys watching movies, outdoor activities in the warmer weather, and spending time with friends and family. In addition to writing, Dean’s hobbies include reading and patio gardening.

Dean is currently working a standalone title, Sartin, a merman romance, and The Higher Law, a continuation of the story of Frank and Gregory’s family set in the 1930s.

Connect with Dean


Blog:  Dean’s Web Site

Facebook:  Dean Frech, Author page or send a friend request Dean Frech.

Twitter: @thedeanfrech

Google+: +deanfrech

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