Blog Tour and Review: The Season: Rush by Nicole Edwards

Happy Sunday! I am so thrilled to share the newest SEXY man from Nicole Edwards! You definitely have to meet Kingtson Rush in The Season: Rush! Ridiculously hot, sexy and sweet hockey player! I really enjoyed this book – I know you’ll want to one-click this one! ‪#‎ScaleMtRushmore

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“…it’s a perfect mix of sport and sexiness the chemistry between the two main characters is off the chain it’s like the first half of the book is foreplay then BOOM seriously is there nothing this woman can’t do and do well.” ~Lisa W.


“…it was everything I ever wanted in a sports romance and it was hot. …I have a new goalie that I’m in love with” ~Jackie W.

“I devoured this book yesterday…… RUSH by Nicole Edwards is a MUST read !!!!! You are going to LOVE Kingston and Ellie !!!!!!” ~H.P. Davenport

“Well, Nicole you did it again. Loved Rush and Ellie that women is amazing. I cannot wait for more.” ~Kathy A.

Jenn Review

4 – 4.5 Stars

Oh – there is so much to love about this book! Hockey, sexy hockey players, sassy and strong women and oh did I mention sexy hockey players!! Rush and Ellie have a fantastic story to tell, rich with emotion, heart, seriously hot chemistry and deep love too!

Kingston Rush is the star goalie for the Austin Arrows, but his reputation took a hit when a woman accused him of getting rough with her. She recanted, but it’s still something that follows him around. It doesn’t help that the team is coming off of two terrible seasons, it’s clear something has to change. When management comes up with an idea to soften Rush’s image and show him in a relationship, even if it’s supposed to be pretend, things get very real for him and Ellie.

Ellie loves hockey, has for her whole life. Her brother Spencer is the captain of the Austin Arrows and his best friend is Kingston Rush. Ellie’s known him for years and he is also a good friend to her. Things change when she’s asked to pretend to be his girlfriend. Not that easy, she’s had a thing for him since she was a teenager. He’s gorgeous and hard to resist and has super sexy dirty talk, but she’s a single mom and her daughter, Bianca has to come first.

These two had amazing chemistry together right from the start. It was pretty clear that they both had deeper feelings for each other from go. They were friends and already had a tight bond, this arrangement just allows them to finally take it to the physical level. Ellie and Rush just seem to fit together, their connection always there and deep too – both of their lives are deeply affected by their relationship.

There were definitely times when these two frustrated me, made me a little crazy. The love is clearly there, but neither seem ready or willing to acknowledge what they really have together and how strong it is. They cling to this ‘arrangement’ idea a bit too much at times. There were definitely times when my heart hurt for them, especially Kingston – despite how big and tough he is, he truly has a big heart, especially when it comes to Ellie.

Nicole Edwards is a great storyteller, providing so much detail and intricacies that I always feel like I’m really getting to know these characters. I love her writing and getting lost in her stories! I adored Rush (who doesn’t want to scale this Mount Rushmore!!) and can even say he may be my new favorite Nicole Edwards book-boyfriend. I really hope this series continues because I definitely need more of these Austin Arrows and maybe Spencer too!

*I received a complimentary copy to review for The Geekery Book Review.





“…And watching as we lost six of the seven preseason games gave me a bit of heartburn, as well, but I’m holding out hope for this year. We’re skating well, have solid puck handling, the team looks strong. Much stronger than last year, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

Admittedly, I couldn’t let go of some of my key players, no matter how much of a disgrace they’ve been to the team. But I’ve got my eye on one of them in particular right now. Kingston Rush, a.k.a. Mount Rushmore.

Here’s a guy who was the league’s top goalie two years ago, with three Vezina Trophies under his belt. Quite frankly, he’s a beast and a huge asset to this team—when he’s on his game, that is—so I’m hoping a little extra attention might go a long way.

I have an idea of what got his jock strap in a twist; I simply need to dig deeper to get to the root of it. Something, or rather someone, turned him from the easygoing, mysterious badass to an instigator who started picking fights with everyone.” – Phoenix Pierce, Owner – Austin Arrows

Learn more about Phoenix, the owner of Rush’s Austin Arrows in Nicole’s standalone novel A Million Tiny Pieces






Coming August 16, 2016

Kingston Rush

Becoming a goaltender in the NHL is the only thing I ever wanted for myself.

Goal accomplished.

Two years ago, I was the best goalie in the league, for the third time. With our Stanley Cup win, the Austin Arrows were on top of the world. Nothing could possibly bring us down.


Turns out, even when you’re at the top, you can find yourself back at rock bottom.

But it gets worse.

Not only did the team fall from grace, then I did too. I was accused of something I didn’t do. And now I’m being forced to repair my tarnished reputation.

Only I don’t know how to do that.

When the suggestion is made for me to pull off this ruse for the media, I know what I’m getting into. I also know there’s only one right answer.

But it’s complicated, and I’m not the only one who could get hurt.

There’s only one major problem.

I can’t say no.

m/f contemporary hockey


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, their three kids, and four rambunctious dogs. When she’s not writing about sexy alpha males, Nicole can often be found with her Kindle in hand or making an attempt to keep the dogs happy. You can find her hanging out on Facebook and interacting with her readers – even when she’s supposed to be writing.

Nicole also writes contemporary/new adult romance as Timberlyn Scott.

Nicole would love to hear from you!

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