Excerpt & Teaser: The Revolution by S.L. Scott

Happy Sunday everyone! So I just got off a plane like 2 hours ago after being in Louisville for a conference the last few days, so I might be a tad tired. However, I gotta say if you haven’t ever been to Louisville you should totally check it out! Now for the real reason I’m posting today – we have a new teaser AND an excerpt from S.L. Scott’s upcoming release!! Guys I have to say that I am more and more excited for this book with every morsel we get! If you haven’t read this series, there is a re-read of book 1, The Resistance, starting TOMORROW over on S.L. Scott’s Reader Group – S.L. Scott Books. The books are standalone, but due to the nature of this story arc it’s been recommended to read this one so why not do it with friends?! Ok, I’ve rambled enough at you. Make sure you follow the link to add this to your Goodreads list and enjoy! Laters ~ Amber


Kaz is coming.

You may not know the guitarist in the famous band, The Resistance, but he wants to get to know you. 

Meet SEXY as SIN, Kaz Fabian, in The Revolution on October 23rd!!

 Add to GR TBR here: http://bit.ly/2dr8ZZJ

The Resistance (Book One) is NOW AVAILABLE and Free on Kindle Unlimited!

****************************** *******


I lean against the wall by the door and wait, taking in my surroundings and this unprecedented opportunity I’ve been given. This band is a legend in their own time. Through hits and tragedy they have fallen and risen again to the top. Biographies are written about them, a movie made. They are the reigning kings of rock ‘n’ roll and I’m standing in the same room as them as if I belong.

Kaz comes out from a back room. When he sees me, he doesn’t smile but I see something in his expression that draws out mine. “Hey,” he says with a singular tilt of his head.

“Hey,” I reply quietly.

He walks over and everything goes quiet in my world. Or that’s just my world grinding to a silent stop. My heart is racing watching his body move like he knows how to use it. He’s a beautiful man, handsome not enough to describe his dark features—hair like midnight at the beach, eyes like caramel candies melting from the heat of the sun, skin tinted from the southern California weather. Then the door next to me opens and he says, “See you after,” as he passes.

I want to die. Die of embarrassment. I mentally facepalm that he just caught me daydreaming about him while staring at him.

“Yeah, okay,” is all I manage to squeak out before Derrick passes, then Dex and Johnny. Tommy follows them and I’m left with Holli and Rochelle, both of whom are shaking their heads at me, and then start laughing.

I’m so busted.


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