New Review: Wrapped Up In You by Aden Lowe

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She literally broke me. Now she needs help. She won’t know it’s me before it’s too late.
Can I pass the opportunity up? No. I should do the decent thing, and let one of the others go, but the need to hurt her like she did me is too deep.
But first, I’ll make sure no one else dies because of her.
Truth comes out, but I’m not sure what to believe. Is revenge what I really want? Because right now, everything in me is reaching for HER.
All I can do is try to protect my heart while I search for a killer who suddenly has us both in his sights.
The man they sent used to be someone I loved, and I nearly died when he left me. Can I trust him to stop whoever is killing people I care for? I don’t have a choice, because no one else can, or will, do it. I can’t let another of my friends die.
Anger and bitterness have changed him, but bits of the real Flag show through at unexpected times. I miss him more than ever, but I won’t survive losing him again.
Why do I wish things could be different, after all this time?
4 Stars
Wrapped Up In You is another great, action packed read from Aden Lowe! He definitely knows how to mix action and romance, and add in great characters that you can’t help but fall for. I loved Flag and Azia’s story – definitely a great addition to this series.
Flag and Azia were best friends throughout high school even though they were the outcasts. They had plans for their future together too, join the military and then get married. But that’s not what happened at all! Azia things Flag was killed and Flag believes Azia just left him behind. Both still carry that pain. One day Flag receives a call for a job from a woman whose friends are all dying in mysterious ways. This call brings Flag and Azia back together.
These two certainly don’t have a sweet reunion and it’s not easy for either of them. There is still so much pain but as they work through Azia’s situation with the possible serial killer they work through some of their own past hurts as well. It’s pretty easy to tell though that these two belong together, they still love each other and always have.
I definitely enjoyed their journey, a great mix of suspense and hot romance as well as some good laughs. Flag is tough and hard but definitely has a great heart. Azia is sweet and loveable, this is a couple you root for. I loved seeing these two come back together, softening to each other and remembering the connection they had. It was especially great to see Flag fall for her all over again and realize this was a life worth fighting for. Overall, another great read from Aden Lowe that had me falling in love and had me guessing about the killer until the very end! I’m already looking forward to whatever comes next from Aden!
*I voluntarily reviewed this book for The Geekery Book Review.
Wrapped Up In You
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