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Length: 69,000 words approx


“I learned a long time ago that nothing is free, not even help.” ~ Blaze

Almost getting killed in a gay bashing should have been one of the worst moments of my life, but with everything I’ve been through, it was just another day, except for the gorgeous man who stepped in to save me. There is something about Galen that draws me in and makes me want know him, and the more time I spend with him, the more I feel free to be myself. Galen doesn’t seem to know what he wants, but I’m a man who stays true to himself, and Galen seems to be someone worth taking a chance on.

“Then you happened and all you have to do is touch me and I lose myself.” ~ Galen

I never thought I’d stumble on an attempted murder, but that’s exactly what happened one night while I was trying to get home. After chasing away the assailants and helping the enigmatic young victim home I tried to put the incident out of my mind, but I couldn’t get him out of my head. I might not have ever thought about being with a man before, but the more time I spend with Blaze, the more I learn about who I really am. Blaze has scars that run deep, but as he opens up to me I find myself questioning everything I thought I wanted, and wondering if I’m a good enough man to give him what he needs.

*This is Book 1 of The Den Boys series, but can be read as a standalone – no cliffhangers.


4 Stars

This is one of those stories that is sweet, and HOT and will just make your heart happy! Blaze and Galen couldn’t be more different and yet once they meet, despite the circumstances, they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. These two have an immediate connection, both emotionally and physically (I mean, they seriously cannot keep their hands off each other). I really enjoyed their story as these two men prove their love for each other!

Blaze and Galen meet when Blaze is the victim of a hate crime and Galen comes to his rescue, he brings him home and tries to make sure he’s ok. The two part ways, but neither man can get the other out of their mind.

I really loved the relationship that these two built, it was touching and sweet all done without excess drama or angst. It really was about how these two men healed each other and found happiness together. They are definitely tested, there are outside issues and internal, insecurities that creep in the end these two really do work together to find happiness. Blaze struggles with his harsh past and the scars it’s left and Galen comes from a cold upbringing without love but together they prove how strong, amazing and beautiful love really is!

I definitely enjoyed this story from start to finish and am already looking forward to the next in this series!

Author Bio

A.T. Brennan, who also writes under the name Mandie Mills, is a romance and erotica author. A native of Ottawa, Canada, she enjoys picking up and moving from city to city every few years. A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, current entrepreneur and freelance writer, she enjoys spending her days working on her many projects and her nights writing and not getting enough sleep. Currently she lives on Canada’s East Coast with her family, both two- and four-legged. She enjoys collecting books and exploring the different sides of romance and romantic expression in her works.

You can visit her at, or on Facebook at A.T. Brennan Author, and also at Author Mandie Mills.


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