Review Tour & GIVEAWAY: Be My Best Man by Con Riley

We are thrilled to be a part of the review tour for Be My Best Man by Con Riley! This is a gorgeous love story, beautifully written and delivered. I hope you’ll check out my review and the fantastic giveaway too!

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 Length: 260 pages

 Cover Design: Garrett Leigh @ Black Jazz Design



Will Jason’s third time as a best man lead to first-time love for Vanya?

After fleeing violence in Moscow, student teacher Vanya Petrov winds up lonely in a run-down London hostel. At least visiting the Bond Street store where his roommate works lets him practice his English, but as Vanya’s vocabulary expands, so does his isolation, especially when he sees happy couples planning their perfect weddings.

According to Jason Balfour, weddings are a waste of time and money. After all, he’s been best man for his brother twice already. Saying that a third marriage will end in divorce too leads to an angry ultimatum: to save his relationship with his brother, Jason must meet his fiancée, at last, and make a good first impression.

Jason’s need to dress to impress brings him and Vanya together. Language is no barrier to falling in love with the young and fragile Russian, and neither is their age difference. But Vanya’s bruised soul carries secrets that could rip them apart. As the wedding draws near, Vanya must confess, and soon, or risk losing Jason—his own best man in Britain.



4.5 Stars

Con Riley really delivers a beautiful love story with Be My Best Man. I really enjoyed this story and found myself absolutely fascinated with Vanya and everything he was going through. He is a young Russian man seeking asylum and trying to survive in London. He doesn’t speak English very well, but is trying to learn and that’s how he meets Jason, a successful Londoner who needs some fashion help. Vanya ends up acting as a personal shopper for him, and the two click, never expecting to find so much more than a nice shirt and tie.

There is a lot to this story, not just Vanya and Jason’s relationship, it is deep and complex and gorgeously told. Vanya struggles with life in London while awaiting a decision regarding his asylum. He cannot legally work but desperately needs to get out of the hostel he is staying at. He’s trying to learn English and understand the new culture as well as come to terms with what happened to him in Russia. Meeting Jason brings happiness to his life for the first time in a long time, but he’s keeping secrets from him and as the two grow closer and there are real feelings involved Vanya knows his secrets could destroy everything.

There is so much emotion in this book, both from Jason and Vanya! I really loved these two beautiful men. Jason has plenty of insecurities when it comes to relationships, his own and that of his best friend and foster brother Andrew, but his intentions are never bad. Vanya’s heart just made mine melt, I just always thought of him as so very precious. Con Riley does a fantastic job of setting these two up to fall completely head over heels for each other and then drop the bomb on them. I knew it was coming but it still broke my heart! She put me back together though, in a raw and real way as Vanya finally reveals the truths of what happened to Jason. I loved the way this story all came together, it’s not always easy but it’s definitely worth it! Con Riley really delivers a touching and poignant story and I know these characters will stay in my heart!



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Author Bio

 Con Riley lives on the wild and rugged Devonshire coast, with her head in the clouds, and her feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Injury curtailed her enjoyment of outdoor pursuits, so writing fiction now fills her free time. Love, loss, and redemption shape her romance stories, and her characters are flawed in ways that makes them live and breathe.

When not people watching, or wrangling her own boy band of teen sons, she spends time staring at the sea from her kitchen window. If you see her, don’t disturb her—she’s probably thinking up new plots.






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