New Release Review: Alaska by Cate Ashwood

Today I’m excited to share my review of Alaska by Cate Ashwood, I loved this story and hope you’ll check it out!

Happy Reading!



AUTHOR: Cate Ashwood

TITLE: Alaska

SERIES: Sawyer’s Ferry (Book 1)

GENRE: Contemporary m/m romance

LENGTH: Novel (53,000 words)

COVER DESIGN: Cate Ashwood

BUY LINK:  (Please note that, as before, this is a smartURL, as the book has not yet gone up on Amazon. I’ll be changing the destination of the link as soon as the book is live, but if you use affiliate links, please feel free to change it. 🙂 )


Nobody says no to a Prescott.

Not even one of their own.

Living up to expectations had never been easy, but when I went after something, I got it. Success. Money. Victory. I was standing on the doorstep to having it all. There was only one thing standing in my way.

Power and prosperity are overrated. Especially when they come at a price. When enough became enough, I walked away. Nothing had ever tempted me to look back, until one day the past showed up in my backyard.

I’m not so sure I can walk away a second time.

Jenn Review

4  Stars

This is one of those stories I was all excited about and Cate Ashwood really delivered for me! It was fun, sweet and sexy – a story about how sometimes when we think the worst is happening, it turns out to be the best thing that could happen!

Holden has been under his father’s thumb for his entire life and now daddy dearest has given him an impossible job to do and threatens to cut him off if can’t complete the job. Now Holden is off to remote Alaska to try to talk Gage in to returning to New York and working with his father again. Nope, just not going to happen. When Gage immediate shuts him down, Holden starts off miserable, thinking his life as he knows it is over, but he doesn’t give up. Then he starts spending time with Gage and in there small hospital and starts to see things a little differently.

Holden and Gage together – so much passion, and sass in the beginning, and eventually heartmelty love! Initially neither man wants to like the other, not even a little bit, but soon they grow on each other a bit plus they have this amazing physical connection. As time goes on and Holden is still in Alaska, he sees the work Gage does, work he’s started doing there as well. These two fall hard for each other, not something either of them was prepared for, but they definitely fall! I love the relationship that builds between them, it’s natural and genuine, even the struggles they face. I think Cate really does a great job bringing this story together, the willingness of these two men to do what it takes to stay together – swoon! I really enjoyed this book from start to finish, totally fell for these two and am already to looking forward to more of this group!

* I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy provided by the author


Cate discovered her love for books of all kinds early on, but romance is where her heart truly lies. She is addicted to the happily ever afters and the journey the characters take to get there. Currently residing in White Rock, B.C, Cate loves living just a stone’s throw from the ocean. When she’s not writing, she can be found consuming coffee at an alarming rate while wrangling her children, her husband, and their two cats.

Cate loves to hear from readers. You can contact her at or on her website

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