Release Date: September 22, 2022

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Cover Design: Christine Coffey

About the Book:

I left Vermont on the most painful day of my life and swore I’d never go back. Meadows Park–the shuttered amusement park that’s been in my family for generations–is the home of all my finest and worst memories. They all star Peter Landry–the best friend I ever had, and the only guy I’ve ever loved.

But then my eccentric grandfather buried two million dollars on the property and couldn’t remember where.

So I’m back, and asking Peter for help. He’s an Ivy League lawyer now. Still gorgeous, and able to gut me with a single smile. And I’m still a disappointment, living in the city and washing dishes to get by. As soon as we strike off down the first sunlit path, the Meadows Park magic begins to fill my heart with yearning, lust, and most dangerous of all—dreams.

I’m secretly relieved each time the day ends, leaving us empty-handed. I know it’s wrong—without that money, we could lose the park.

But if I find the treasure, I lose the guy.

Jenn Review

4 Stars

I really do love the Vino & Veritas world and Wonderland is a great second-chance romance addition! Riley and Peter are wonderful characters and I will admit I’ve been very curious about Peter since reading about him in Aaron’s book. And Rachel Ember definitely delivers with their story, it was a great blend of lighthearted moments and real, deep feelings and I really enjoyed it.

Riley and Peter were the best friends and more when they were younger and then one awful moment changed everything for them both and they haven’t spoken in years. Life brings them back together though when both men find themselves in their hometown again. Riley is back to help his grandfather after he gets out of the hospital, and helping grandpa means finding his long lost lottery winnings that were buried somewhere in the run-down, closed amusement park that is his family land. Sounds like a lot right?! Peter is back because he’s feeling a little lost, his career not shaping out to what he thought so he’s back home to try to find his way again and after finding out about Riley’s situation he’s determined to help him out.

The connection that these two share is something special, it’s something that you can feel between them right from the start. I really liked how natural the love is between them even the two stubborn men are arguing with each other. There are misunderstandings and old hurts that make it pretty tough for these two to get on the same page, but working together, they rebuild what they lost. It’s easy to see that these two never stopped loving each other, that they’ve never been able to move from what they shared as kids. I loved when it all finally comes together, I wanted to cheer!

A great blend of the humor and wit I’ve come to expect from this group mixed in with the unique feels and emotions each author brings, this really was a very enjoyable read. There are some great peeks at previous characters as well as new introductions too – grandpa and Lemon are just fantastic. Once again I enjoyed this trip back to Vermont!



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