Amber Reviews: To Catch a Dream by Audrey Carlan

To Catch A Dream, an all-new beautiful and emotional story of sisterhood and love from #1 New York Times bestselling author Audrey Carlan is available now! Guys this book! I adored the first book in this series, so I have been so eager to read Evie and Milo’s story. Man, Audrey did not disappoint!!! So many emotions! Check out my review below. And if you haven’t read book 1 in the Wish Series, What the Heart Wants, go spend some time with Suda Kay and Cameron too!! Happy weekend and happy reading!

~ Amber

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the worldwide phenomenon Calendar Girl series brings readers a poignant and honest look at life’s most complicated relationships.

When their mother passed away, Evie Ross and her sister were each given a stack of letters, one to be opened every year on their birthday; letters their free-spirited mother hoped would inspire and guide them through adulthood. But although Evie has made a successful career, her desire for the stability and security she never had from her parents has meant she’s never experienced the best life has to offer. But the discovery of more letters hidden in a safe-deposit box points to secrets her mother held close, and possibly a new way for Evie to think about her family, her heart and her dreams.

“Audrey Carlan has created a gem of a story about sisterhood, love, second chances, and the kind of wanderlust that won’t be silenced, reminding us that sometimes the most important journey is the one we take home.” —Lexi Ryan, New York Times bestselling author

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Goodness what a beautiful story!! I fell for these Ross sisters reading What a Heart Wants, but I’m not sure I was fully prepared for Evie and Milo. Audrey Carlan has truly outdone herself with this series! Rich, full visuals and so many emotions. Loved the passion between Evie and Milo. Loved seeing Evie be everything from cool and collected to panicked and scared to heartbroken to hopeful and giddy. Audrey takes the reader on an absolute roller coaster of emotions! Throw in some secrets being revealed, some sisterly conflicts and a whole lotta love. To Catch a Dream stole my heart!! ♥️


As the music starts, the double doors open into the huge hotel ballroom. The first set of dancers flows into the room, following one after another while leaving the appropriate amount of space between them. Closing my eyes for a moment, I allow the music to filter through my subconscious and ease away any nervousness or fear. I open my eyes and watch as my sister’s arms flow out to the sides. I mimic her position and follow her in.
Every so often we spin, swaying our arms and skirts, and make exaggerated hip movements along with the music.
Suda Kaye leads to me the right side of the room where I can see her zeroing in on a table with a man with long, dirty-blond hair who only has eyes for her. I glance down at the floor to ensure I haven’t hit my mark yet. I follow until she stops right in front of Camden’s table. I work around a table wedged in between a group of four. She nods at me and I stop on the X.
The music changes and I watch as Suda Kaye lifts her arms and starts the routine I’ve had memorized since I was a child. It’s one we were taught by our mother long ago. It comes to me on autopilot and I get into the music, drop my hips and use the cymbals to accentuate the beats and flow.
I’m having a blast and lose myself to the music. I do a series of hip rolls and spin around to face the other two tables. My breath is knocked right out of my chest as my gaze connects with the coal-black eyes of the only man I’ve ever wanted more than anything.
Milo Chavis.
Swallowing down the surprise I feel, I keep up the dance. Only this time, I feel as though I’m dancing for an audience of one.
His dark gaze leaves mine to slowly track up and down my body. It’s like a featherlight caress I can almost feel from beaded sandaled feet, along my bare legs and gyrating hips, up and over my working abdominal muscles and rolling shoulders. I arch my back and thrust my chest forward as I bend back and forth.
Since I know this dance well, I can take in every inch of his masculine form. He has pitch-black hair that’s parted perfectly down the center and tied tight at the nape of his neck. I know he usually fastens it with leather bands at intervals down his back. His jaw and cheekbones could have been chiseled in stone by Rodin himself they are so defined. His eyebrows are black slashes above his dark eyes and his skin tone is a toasted brown that reminds me of the desert hills on the reservation when they are shaded from the sun at dusk. He’s wearing a black suit with a crisp white dress shirt underneath. At his neck is an intricate bolo tie made of black leather. Twisted rope strings hang down his massive chest; an etched medallion at his strong throat has a thumbprint-size turquoise stone in the center.
One hundred percent Native American.
One hundred percent man.
One hundred percent beautiful.
One hundred percent never meant to be mine.

Meet Audrey Carlan

Audrey Carlan is a #1 New York Times and International bestselling author. Her titles have appeared on USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Audrey writes wicked hot love stories that have been translated in over thirty different languages across the globe. She is best known for the world-wide bestselling series Calendar Girl and Trinity.
She lives in the California Valley where she enjoys her two children and the love of her life. When she’s not writing, you can find her teaching yoga, sipping wine with her “soul sisters,” or with her nose stuck in a steamy romance novel.

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Breakaway, Take 2: Amber Reviews

Happy weekend!
So Jenn posted her review earlier this weekend for Breakaway from Kindle Alexander. Tonight we bring you my take on this story. Spoiler alert – I loved it too!! Greer and Dallas were everything I love about KA characters. So check out my thoughts below, and as always go 1-click. Happy reading friends.
~ Amber
Greer Lockhart set out to save the world from itself when he organized his first beach cleanup at the age of twelve. Now, as a uber-successful venture capitalist for eco-friendly startups, he doesn’t let anything get in his way—whether personal or professional. When a new fitness app schedules a site-wide cycle race, Greer’s competitive side won’t let him back down. Not even when his undivided attention turns to the one racer he can’t beat: Biker101.
Dallas Reigns learned a long time ago to keep his head low and his focus forward. He gives his all to a business he started with his brothers, BikeBro. But he worries his all might not be enough if they can’t gain traction before their financial ship sinks. A chance meeting with a hard-hitting venture capitalist is just what they need. Until his resistance is tested when the striking blond man shows interest in more than just his company, challenging all Dallas’s etched-in-stone boundaries.
When the illusion of Dallas’s life threatens to crumble under the weight of his own desire, can he find a way to fortify his iron will, or will Greer help him breakaway from the restraints of his past?
amber review

4.75 Stars

Breakaway was full of all the things I have come to expect from a Kindle Alexander story. The characters had depth, drive and passion about life. The story not only explores the world of these characters but also gives us glimpses into beloved characters from other stories. From the start it was clear that Greer and Dallas were on a collision course, and that when they finally collided that neither of their lives would be the same. Man was that true!

I loved Greer and his single-minded focus. He wasn’t your typical successful, rich guy. He really was more concerned with those around him, whether it was his p/I/t/a sister, his friends, his business or his desire to create an environmentally friendly world. Dallas, similarly had a drive to make his world better and to be there for his family. Dallas was so singularly focused that he never takes time for himself, and he is more focused on building his business than acknowledging his own misery. There was something both hopeful and at the same time sad about Dallas, as from the start I could tell he wasn’t living his life authentically. When Greer and Dallas meet it’s hot, and Greer is all about it; Dallas is a bit wasted and once sober is a more than a bit freaked out. Too bad Greer is not daunted in the least and is determined to find a way to make him his mister. The push pull between them as Dallas figures out his feelings was angsty goodness for me. When these two are together you can feel the heat on the page. A true finding our way love story, Breakaway did not disappoint. I loved the characters, loved the way these guys demonstrated their emotions, loved their circle of friends/family. Hoping that KA will give us Ducky’s story next! 

“They weaved words of heartbreak, love, and triumph. They pulled on the heartstrings making me feel all the feels. My heart was full when I turned that last page.” ~ Jill Miller, Embrace The Romance Blog

“Breakaway is everything I want in a romance book. It is sweet and swoon-worthy, and so so romantic. The character depth is extraordinary and from the moment we meet Dallas and Greer, they owned my heart.” ~ E.Muddle, Goodreads Reviewer.

Best Selling Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It’s always a surprise to see what’s coming next!
I live in the suburbs of Dallas where it’s true, the only thing bigger than an over active imagination, may be women’s hair!
Usually, I try for funny. Humor is a major part of my life – I love to laugh, and it seems to be the thing I do in most situations – regardless of the situation, but jokes are a tricky deal… I don’t want to offend anyone and jokes tend to offend. So instead I’m going to tell you about Kindle
I tragically lost my sixteen year old daughter to a drunk driver. She had just been at home, it was early in the night and I heard the accident happen. I’ll never forget that moment. The sirens were immediate and something inside me just knew. I left my house, drove straight to the accident on nothing more than instinct. I got to be there when my little girl died – weirdly, I consider that a true gift from above. She didn’t have to be alone.
That time in my life was terrible. It’s everything you think it would be times about a billion. I love that kid. I loved being her mother and I loved watching her grow into this incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. She was such a gift to me. To have it all ripped away so suddenly broke me.
Her name was Kindle. Honest to goodness – it was her name and she died a few weeks before Amazon released their brand new Kindle ereader. She had no idea it was coming out and she would have finally gotten her name on something! Try finding a ruler with the name Kindle on it.. It never happened.
Through the course of that crippling event I was lucky enough to begin to write with a dear friend in the fan fiction world of Facebook. She got me through those dark days with her unwavering support and friendship. There wasn’t a time she wasn’t there for me. Sometimes together and sometimes by myself, we built a world where Kindle lives and stands for peace, love and harmony. It’s its own kind of support group. I know without question I wouldn’t be here today without her.
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Review for My One and Only by Layla Hagen

4.25 Stars for Tess & Liam’s story!!

What I liked was finally seeing Tess get her happy ending. I liked seeing her in her element of making her dreams come true with Skye and their business. I liked how she didn’t hesitate to hold her head up even when she wasn’t sure, or when she was feeling doubt. I liked the meet cute between Tess and Liam, even if it was slightly embarrassing for both. I liked Liam from the start. I liked how Tess seems to throw him out of his rhythm. I liked watching him realize she was so different and wanting to pursue her, to woo her. I liked the chemistry between this pair, because it was absolutely crazy hot!

My only frustration, if you can call it that were wanting more banter between Tess and Liam. I thought the times they had these text convos or interactions while at work, while trying and failing not to flirt were the best. I just needed more of them. I also wished that there had been a bit more of the family interaction in this book like was present in others. I just felt it was not as prevalent to me. I also felt that the drama and angst level fell a little flatter then expected. Not to say that I’m all about the angst, but I kept feeling we were building to this angsty and maybe even danger filled moment that just seemed to deflate. All in all, My One and Only was a wonderful addition to this series and solidifies that Layla Hagen continues to be a go-to author for me! So if you are looking for swoony, feel good romance this is a winner!


Tess Winchester loves her life. Her family is growing with new nieces and nephews for her to spoil. And her lingerie business is really taking off, so in order to keep up with demand she needs more capital. Though Tess had always dreamed about finding Mr. Right, and having a family of her own, dating hasn’t been easy so working extra hours is never a problem. When an opportunity of a lifetime arises, Tess jumps at the chance to present to the CEO of Harrington & Co, New York’s hottest investment firm. She’s determined to make the right impression, but when Liam accidently walks in the ladies room during a wardrobe malfunction, things get off to an… interesting start.
Tess isn’t Liam’s type, they’re too different: She’s a romantic. He’s a realist. She’s a dreamer. He’s a practical man and doesn’t believe in love. Besides, if they’re going to sign a deal, it’s best not to mix business with pleasure.
Despite their differences, Liam finds himself doing anything in his power to win her over. She’s captivating, and he won’t back down until they explore the connection that keeps him on his toes. He can’t get enough of her sassy mouth, her tenacity, and the tenderness that encounters him at every turn. Her blushes drive him crazy. Liam wants Tess.And Liam always gets what Liam wants.

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Blog Tour: Stranger Ranger by Daisy Prescott


Happy Monday all! Today I’m sharing my review and recommendation of Stranger Ranger from Daisy Prescott. This is Daisy’s second release in the SmartyPants Romance imprint, and trust me when I say that you don’t want to miss it. If you love a weirdness, a little mystery and a whole lotta bearded goodness then you wanna know Odin and Daphne. Guaranteed to make you swoon, laugh and all around feel good.

Happy reading. ~ Amber

Stranger Ranger, an all-new standalone contemporary romance from USA Today bestselling author Daisy Prescott, is now available in Kindle Unlimited!

20200127 GVPR02 Prescott-FF

New park ranger Daphne Baum is a reformed good girl. Breaking free from her overbearing family as soon as she turned eighteen, she’s been on her own ever since. The life of a park ranger, moving from park to park, suits her just fine. Though still a rule follower, she’s okay with a little sin in her life.

Every generation of Hill men has its black sheep. The general consensus among the family is that Odin Hill is the lucky bastard this go around. At seventeen, he blew out of town like an angry tornado only to return fifteen years later withdrawn and secretive. Living like a recluse in the hollows in the Smoky Mountains, he’s happy to keep to himself and is content to let locals believe he’s the town weirdo. Odin prefers the company of his pet pig to the nosy citizens of Green Valley.

When Daphne discovers Odin might be committing nefarious deeds on park land, she vows to find out the truth behind the handsome, yet chaotic, loner. Will the stranger help the ranger discover the difference between being good and doing the right thing? Or will they find themselves on opposite sides of love?

‘Stranger Ranger’ is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #2 in the Park Ranger series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.


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amber-review   5 Stars

I absolutely adored this story!! Daphne and Odin are full of quirks, full of secrets and full of attraction for the other. Once again Daisy Prescott takes us on a journey into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Ranger Daphne is a bit of a loner, having been a bit of a nomad as she tries to find a permanent ranger gig. Odin is the strange farmer guy with a pet pig he takes for walks. But these two just seem to keep crossing paths, and when they finally connect? Yeah it was kinda everything I wanted. I loved this couple. Loved Patsy Swine and Roman the bougie dog. Loved all the other characters we get more glimpses of, and can’t wait to go back.

Check out Happy Trail, book 1 in the Park Ranger series of standalones, FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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By early afternoon, the crowd at the farmers’ market fades, leaving only stragglers, bargainers, and tourists sampling the charms of small town life.

I’ve had enough people for the week I’m looking forward to the quiet of my own company. All the talking and friendly chatter exhaust me. You’d think vegetables would sell themselves given they’re pretty self-explanatory. Yet folks wanna hear a story about a carrot being grown from the guy who pulled it out of the dirt himself. So I play my part of the happy farmer at the stand. It’s my bad luck I’ve always been charming. Part of my DNA.

My family has lived in the mountains surrounding Green Valley longer than anyone around here can remember. Before there was a National Park or even a Cades Cove, the Hills had established a homestead in the Smokies straddling Tennessee and North Carolina.

Because our last name is Hill, some people like to joke we put the hill in hillbilly. Jethro Winston for example. He’s hysterical. Some people think they have a sense of humor when they’re just being mean-spirited. As my Nannie Ida always says, glass houses provide good views, but then again, so do mirrors.

This is why I prefer the company of Patsy over most folks. She’s smart, a good listener, tidy, and doesn’t give a damn about my family and reputation. She has more class than a lot of the gossips and Sunday church-goers around here.

After I consolidate the remaining produce into crates and load up the van, I fold the tables and collapse my tent. While I work, the face of the brunette ranger floats through my mind.

She looked familiar but I didn’t recognize her name. It isn’t likely our paths have crossed. I don’t get out much and I’m not hanging around the bars or the visitor center in Cades Cove. Normally, one of my cousins covers the stand at the weekly farmers’ market and I can avoid the crowds. This is what happens when I let my guard down and am forced to engage with the public. I get iceberg and Bible quotes. I’ve never been a fan of either.

Bothered I’m still thinking about her, I close and lock up the van.

“Come on Patsy, let’s go for a walk.”

She gives a happy snort and steps closer to where her leash hangs on the top rail of her pen.

When the two of us stroll through town, folks stare. It’s worse when they insist on sharing a comment, tell the same old joke, and, in general, make a fuss. Honestly, I assume at this point people seeing the two of us together would be old news around here.

Guess some folks don’t have enough going on in their lives that they need to make commentary about people minding their own damn business.

I don’t understand what the big deal is about a man walking his pig.

Patsy’s excellent on a leash. Doesn’t pull. Has never instigated fights with dogs. Hasn’t bit anyone. Doesn’t do her business in the middle of the sidewalk. In my mind, she’s much better mannered than any old hound dog.

She’s pretty darn perfect in every conceivable way.

Except the one time she trampled Mrs. MacClure’s flower bed. Even that was my fault for not paying closer attention to where we were walking.

If I had to find fault with her, Patsy thinks she’s in charge. And she’s a little more than spoiled. I only have myself to blame.

“Clarice, please tell me you see that man walking his pig.” A woman shouts to her friend and points from about three feet away.

“I’m not invisible,” I tell her with a flat smile.

“Oh dear.” Her companion rolls her eyes. “You’re a tall drink of cool water, aren’t you?”

The question is rhetorical. Being compared to a refreshing beverage doesn’t require a response, so I remain quiet. Patsy tugs on her leash and releases a frustrated snort that we’ve stopped walking.

“You two have a nice day, m‘kay.” I step off the sidewalk to pass them.

I’d like to say their behavior is atypical. If I hear “You’re like the Jolly Green Giant. Only less green” one more time …

For the record, I am not jolly.

There must be something in the well water around here. We grow ‘em tall in Green Valley.

Does a pig need to be walked on leash for health and exercise? No.

I’m the only weirdo in all of Green Valley who likes to take my daily constitutional accompanied by a sow. Not even Cletus Winston is as much of an oddball as I am. And that’s saying something.

He’s only interested in pigs and boar in terms of sausage. In my opinion, he’s missing out. If we were friends, or even friendly acquaintances, I might suggest we partner up. Truffle salami can be incredible. Or so I remember. I don’t eat pork anymore. Not since I’ve had Patsy. I’d be offended if she ate human body parts around me.

Hogs will eat pretty much anything you give them. A few years ago a pig farmer went missing. Wife said he ran off with his mistress. Everyone believed her until his gold tooth turned up in the muck and mud of their hog pens. Macabre, but true.

I don’t eat pork and Patsy doesn’t eat me. It’s an unspoken pact between us.

Not that she’s some sort of demon pig crazed with bloodlust. Not at all. She’s the best pig in eastern Tennessee. Don’t need a blue ribbon from the state fair to make it true.

This leisurely stroll around town is all part of my ruse.

If someone sees us ambling someplace we don’t belong, they’ll leave us alone, which is the entire point.

There’s freedom in being a weirdo. Folks keep their distance. Sure, there are the asinine comments, but for the most part they assume I’m dim-witted or crazy. Fine by me. With or without my porcine sidekick, I’ve always been different. I learned early on that people like to form and hold onto their own opinions. Pointless to try to change someone’s mind. What they think of me is their problem, not mine.

About Daisy Prescott

Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband, their rescue dog, Mulder, and an imaginary house goat. When not writing about herself in the third person, Daisy can be found traveling, gardening, baking, or lost in a good book.


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Blog Tour: Love in Deed (Green Valley Library #6) by L.B. Dunbar


Well I’m just slightly late for the blog tour of this book I totally adored, because well life imploded a bit last week. But ya know this is sorta a book about life imploding, changing our directions but being open to finding new things to appreciate. Beverly and Jedd both experienced things that changed their lives, but when they find each other they come alive. Check out my review and an excerpt from the story below. And make sure you not only check out other SmartyPants Romance releases, but also L.B. Dunbar’s other books!

Happy reading!! ~ Amber

Love in Deed, an all-new standalone contemporary romance from L.B. Dunbar, is now available in Kindle Unlimited!


Sometimes it takes an outsider to force us to see who we are. The real struggle is accepting what we learn. For Beverly Townsen, nothing could be closer to the truth. Virtually a shut-in, Beverly has pulled back from Green Valley’s community, preferring the isolation of her farmhouse and her daily routine of viewing home improvement television shows. When the opportunity arises for her own home improvement and a personal re-assessment, she’s not so excited about the reality of real life versus DIY programs.

Jedd Flemming understands physical pain and personal loss, but it’s never stopped him from bucking forward in life. A former military man and rodeo star, his life as a nomad comes to an end with false accusations and a family matter back in the Valley. It’s been a long journey to find his way home and once there, there’s nothing he wants more than to reclaim what he’s lost…and maybe the elusive female reclusive who holds a sliver of his past.

With an unprecedented proposition, Beverly finds a stranger living in her barn, raising horses on borrowed pastures, and plowing his way into her vacant heart. Old hurts linger, but sometimes love in deed is louder than words.

‘Love in Deed’ is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #6 in the Green Valley Library series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.


Download your copy TODAY! Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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amber-review  5 Stars

I absolutely loved this story! L.B. Dunbar wrote the heart back into Beverly, a character previously glimpsed in a few of both Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers books and Love in Due Time as being bitter, cold and a recluse. All those things were true to a degree, but learning the why and seeing her blossom was everything! Gah! When Jedd Fleming shows up on Beverly’s porch things get really interesting because it’s then we see Bev start to try and come back to life. Jedd and Beverly have flaws, have secrets, have wished and dreams. Watching them both dance around the other before giving in to desire was a delight. Throw in all the added layers to this story and I didn’t want it to end!! And now I want more of Jedd’s friends and to know Scotia’s (Beverly & Naomi oldest sister) story and to see what’s next from Dunbar in Green Valley!



“Momma,” she whispers, and I turn at the soft question in her voice. Her eyes scan my face. Does she fear she’ll look like me one day? Those bright eyes will dim, and lines will form in the corners. Will they be rivers formed from tears, or will she eventually find laughter? Does she wonder if her lips will match mine, permanently curled downward? Can my girl still smile? Will her hair go gray too young as mine did? Will the stress of her life turn her into someone lonely and lost?

I blink back the tears fighting for release. I won’t cry. Nothing left to cry over. It’s all gone.

“Do you fancy him?” my daughter asks, and I choke on the question.

“What…? I…of course not. Don’t be silly. I’m sure he’d be more interested in the likes of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hannah asks, brows rising in surprise.

“I’m sure I don’t need to explain the birds and the bees to you. Men like him only want young things and only want one thing from those young things. I don’t think he should stay here,” I sneer, recognizing the pulse at my neck and the thump of my heart. My daughter is a pretty girl, and this older man could be attracted to her for all the wrong reasons. Young girls go for older men to solve their daddy issues.

“He’s sleeping in the barn,” Hannah counters, her voice deepening in displeasure. Ticking off points on her fingers, she continues, “We don’t need to feed him. He’ll rebuild at his expense or hire what he can’t do himself. The back field will be plowed and prepped for spring planting.”

I snort in response, but my eyes return to Jedd’s movement. Into the barn. Out in the yard. My observation traces down his perspiring spine to the waist of his pants where his shirt has untucked. My fingers curl on the armrest of the rocker as my eyes outline the fine globes accentuated by those smooth pants. My mouth goes dry.

What is it about this man? Why am I suddenly lusting after him?

I can’t. That’s the bottom line. I can’t anything him. Under fifteen percent and tight pants and a perfect backside is still a man with empty words.

My eyes fall blindly on the reality television program. The only man a girl can count on is the fictional kind. I force my attention away from the barn, but my eyes seem to have a will of their own.

“We can’t have a stranger living in our barn,” I huff. Jedd stops, turning in his tracks with a pile of lumber on his shoulder as if he heard me, which is impossible on two counts: the panes of glass and his lack of hearing. Still, he stills, and his eyes narrow on the house as if he knows I’m watching him, I’m talking about him, and I don’t agree with this arrangement.

“Too late. He’s moving in.” Hannah definitively nods, dismissing my opinion as Jedd swings back around. She leans down to kiss my cheek and then exits my room, but I remain transfixed.

Suddenly, reality is more fascinating than television.

My eyes continue the cat and mouse game of watching Jedd disappear and then reappear. I don’t know how much time transpires, but eventually, the bed of his truck is empty. Still, I hold my breath as if the barn is a giant octopus, swallowing him whole. I fear he might disappear forever like Howard did, which is the silliest thought I’ve had in a decade. I don’t need Jedd. We don’t need Jedd. There will be no attachment to him.

But then, Jedd appears at the open barn door and gives a single wave toward the house, and I smile in spite of myself.

About L.B. Dunbar

L.B. Dunbar has an overactive imagination. To her benefit, such creativity has led to over thirty romance novels, including those offering a second chance at love over 40. Her signature works include the #sexysilverfoxes collection of mature males and feisty vixens ready for romance in their prime years. She’s also written stories of small-town romance (Heart Collection), rockstar mayhem (The Legendary Rock Stars Series), and a twist on intrigue and redemption (Redemption Island Duet). She’s had several alter egos including elda lore, a writer of romantic magical realism through mythological retellings (Modern Descendants). In another life, she wanted to be an anthropologist and journalist. Instead, she was a middle school language arts teacher. The greatest story in her life is with the one and only, and their four grown children. Learn more about L.B. Dunbar by joining her reader group on Facebook (Loving L.B.) or subscribing to her newsletter (Love Notes).


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Blog Tour: Cutie and the Beast (Cipher Office #3) by M.E. Carter


Welcome back to Weight Expectations, where the unexpected is likely to happen.

Cutie and the Beast, an all-new roommates-to-lovers romantic comedy from M.E. Carter, is now available in Kindle Unlimited!

Welcome to the Cutie and the Beast Blog Tour stop. What an absolutely delightful story from the lovely M.E. Carter! I so enjoyed reading about Abel, Elliott and their girls finding a happy ending together. Make sure you read my review below and check out not only the other goodies in this post, but go check out other SmartyPants Romance releases available now! Happy reading. ~ Amber


Living with her mother seemed like a good idea at the time. But Elliott Donovan’s living arrangements are not working for her anymore. Desperate to get back on her financial feet after a divorce and out from under her mother’s thumb, Elliott takes a job in the child care center at Weight Expectations, a local gym.

It has everything she needs – family friendly hours, more pay than she expected, and a super cute trainer who just happens to have part of his house for rent.

Abel DiSoto was living the good life until his wife walked out taking half of the family income with her. The blow to his ego was bad enough, but after a fire at the gym scattered Abel’s clients, and consequently his commissions, he’s stuck figuring out how to make ends meet, too. Renting out the master suite of his house to his new co-worker seems like an easy solution. They’re both mature adults, they both have eight-year-old daughters, and their work schedules coordinate so they can lend each other a helping hand to ease the burden of single parenthood.

The only downside? Living like a blended family when you’re not actually a family can present some challenges.

Welcome back to Weight Expectations, where the unexpected is likely to happen.

‘Cutie and the Beast’ is a full-length contemporary romantic comedy, can be read as a standalone, and is book #3 in the Cipher Office series, Knitting in the City World, Penny Reid Book Universe.


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amber-review 4.75 Stars

A truly lovely story from start to finish! Cutie and the Beast had heart, humor and just the right balance of realism to help you connect with the characters. Abel and Elliott go from strangers to roommates to friends and then lovers, all while balancing single parenthood. The pacing of this story was so spot on and not rushed. While there might have been an insta comfort between the pair, I liked that their connection was more organic. Both are dealing with daughters that are high energy, but thankfully Ainsley and Mabel are quickly bffs in every way. The conflicts the couple encounter were believable, and the way Abel and Elliott worked through things to find their HEA was as well. M.E. Carter knows how to craft a total feel good read!



In my haste to not be late, I barrel right into a woman coming through the front door.

Grabbing her arms to steady her from falling, I apologize profusely. “I’m sorry! I didn’t see you. Are you all right?”

Smiling tightly, the blonde isn’t thrilled a random stranger practically ran her over. But she’s polite anyway. “I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure? You aren’t hurt?” I don’t think she is, but sometimes I don’t know my own strength.

This time her smile is a little more genuine. “I’m sure. You sure are in a rush.”

Letting go of her arms, I feel like she needs an explanation other than me racing around like an idiot. “I’m the one parent who has a tendency to be late for school pickup. The lady at the front desk gives me a nasty evil glare if she has to call me.”

This woman, whose name I still haven’t bothered to ask, laughs and I’m struck by how cute she is. She’s definitely a few years older than I am, but not by much. There’s nothing about her that necessarily stands out in a crowd, but her smile is genuine. This is a woman who likes to laugh and have fun. I always gravitate toward those people, which gives me a fleeting thought: I should have noticed my ex-wife hardly ever smiled for real. Laughing was even rarer unless it was at someone else’s expense. Those should have been easy indicators she wasn’t the one for me.

“Parker Elementary?” the blonde asks.

“Yeah.” I give her a quizzical look. “How did you know?”

“Do not mess with Ms. Alexander’s routine. She will cut a bitch.”

My laugh comes easily, and I find myself hoping this woman is a new member. She’s funny. I love it when clients have a sense of humor. Offering her my hand, I introduce myself. “I’m Abel. Trainer here at Weight Expectations and father of Mabel in second grade.”

She places her cold hand in mine. “Elliott. Interviewee for the childcare position and mother of Ainsley, also in second grade.”

“Ah! Well it’s nice to meet you. Fingers crossed I’ll see you here later as a fellow employee. And if not here, at Parker Elementary as a fellow parent. Hopefully not in Ms. Alexander’s line of sight.”

Elliott holds up her gloved hands and crosses her fingers around each other. “Wish me luck. Now run fast.”

About M.E. Carter

My name is M.E. Carter and I have no idea how I ended up writing books. I’m more of a story teller (the more exaggerated the better) and I happen to know people who helped me get those stories on paper. I love reading (read almost 200 books last year), hate working out (but I do it anyway because my trainer makes me), love food (but hate what it does to my butt) and love traveling to non-touristy places most people never see. I live in Houston with my four kids, Mary, Elizabeth, Carter and Bug, who was just a twinkle in my eye when I came up with my pen name. Yeah, I’ll probably have to pay for his therapy someday for being left out.


Find M.E. Carter online






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Review: Code of Honor (Cipher Security #2) by April White


Code of Honor, an all-new fun and flirty romantic standalone in the Cipher Security series from April White, is available now in Kindle Unlimited!

I thoroughly enjoyed this new SmartyPants Romance release. You can read my review and an excerpt below. Plus make sure you check out the first in this series, Code of Conduct, also available in KU. Happy reading.

~ Amber

cs-code-of-honor copy

A painting, a panic room, a thief, and her lover … whose job is to catch her.

There are three things you need to know about Anna.

1) She’s a bounty hunter with adrenaline junkie habits,

2) She’s the “awkward” twin, and

3) She’s a thief – kind of.

Darius designs security systems for Cipher Security, and the strange and remarkable woman he met the night the painting was stolen is as intriguing a mystery as his hunt for the thief is.

But the lady has no filter, and she knows she can’t lie to the man who looks like a Disney Prince and kisses like fairytales are true, so she runs from the one person who may actually see her as the heroine of her own story.

‘Code of Honor’ is a full-length contemporary romantic suspense, can be read as a standalone and is book #2 in the Cipher Security series, Knitting in the City World, Penny Reid Book Universe.


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amber review  4.5 Stars

Like a romantic suspense? Like an opposites attract story? How about connecting to a quirky character who’s also a total bada$$?

Well if you answered yes to any of these, then Code of Honor is a story you’ll enjoy!

Anna and Darius kept me intrigued. She’s imaginative and quirky, inquisitive and tough. He’s straight-laced, intuitive, lives by his rules. Anna also thinks he looks like a Disney Prince, hence his nickname. She flys by the seat of her pants. He is very orderly and lives by a standard that is almost unflappable. They shouldn’t connect, but oh do they!!

I loved all the usual Cipher Security characters we get included too. Dan, Quinn, Shane and Gabriel, plus some others. This is my second April White read in the Cipher World and I continue to be impressed. Her storytelling is great, the use of real world mystery makes the story relatable and compelling. Definitely will read more.



She was waiting for me to run away.

The woman in front of me, with whom conversation was akin to playing barefoot hopscotch on hot asphalt, who walked like shoes confused her, and who smelled of a spring breeze through a field of wildflowers, expected me to turn tail and bolt.

I rarely did the expected, however, and often made choices that flew directly in the face of convention. And as nothing about this woman or this conversation was conventional, I stayed.

And I laughed.

This startled her, and she suddenly dropped to the floor in what seemed at first to be a defensive maneuver, but was actually a crouch in order to pet the cat. Her posture put her face at approximately groin height, and for the space of exactly one half-second, I considered remaining in place to see if she would notice. But chivalry got the better of me, and I knelt down beside her.

Her face flamed bright red, and for a moment I thought she was ill.

“I was just staring at your penis, wasn’t I?” she said in a tone of complete chagrin.

Rarely did I meet someone even more straightforward than myself, and I attempted a benign expression. “Were you?”

The delightful woman sighed. “I was. I’m sorry.” But then a mischievous glint came into her eyes, and she said in a perfectly benign tone, “So, what do you think about my pussy?”

I choked on a startled bark of laughter, and she allowed herself a small grin as she deliberately ran her hands through the fur of the very contented cat.

“On that note, I believe it’s time for me to find something red to drink to match the color of my face,” she said, as she rose to her feet. She wasn’t graceful about it, but she was strong and didn’t wobble until she tried to take a step. She’d managed to stand on the hem of the pink silk gown she wore and winced at the sound of her heel tearing the fabric.

“Well, now I’ve officially hit my humiliation quota for the night. Enjoy the party, Mr. Masoud,” she said brightly, as she hurried away across the room. I let her go without further comment, though my eyes tracked her as she plucked a glass of red wine from a passing tray and finished half of it in one large gulp.

About April White

April White has been a film producer, private investigator, bouncer, teacher and screenwriter. She has climbed in the Himalayas, survived a shipwreck, and lived on a gold mine in the Yukon. She and her husband share their home in Southern California with two extraordinary boys and a lifetime collection of books.

Her first novel, Marking Time is the 2016 winner of the Library Journal Indie E-Book Award for YA Literature, and all five books in the Immortal Descendants series are on the Amazon Top 100 lists in Time Travel Romance and Historical Fantasy.


Find April White online






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Blog Tour: Been There Done That (Leffersbee #1) by Hope Ellis


Theirs was a forever kind of love, until it was stolen.

Welcome to our stop on the Been There Done That blog tour!

I really enjoyed this story from new to me author, Hope Ellis. Make sure to check out my review below as well as an excerpt and some other goodies for this newest SmartyPants Romance release. While we all navigate these strange days of pandemic coping, let’s spend some time in Green Valley. Happy reading!

~ Amber

Been There Done That, an all-new second-chance romantic standalone by debut author Hope Ellis, is available now!


ZORA LEFFERSBEE’S once perfect life is no longer perfect. Her tenure at the University is in question, funding for her employees uncertain, and her faux-fiancé, Jackson James’s unpredictability is wearing on her last nerve. Just when Zora is convinced things can’t get more complicated, life proves her wrong.

What the heck is he doing here?

NICK ROSSI’s complicated life is still extremely complicated. He’s used to fighting for everything he has, but he’s also used to winning. Now a man of power and influence, his return to Green Valley after so many years hasn’t gone according to plan, especially with the woman he’s always wanted.

She can’t know why I left, or why I’m back.

A powerful woman intent on righting the wrongs of the world, Zora doesn’t have time or energy to deal with the man who broke her young heart.

A powerful man intent on righting the wrongs of the past, Nick can’t help wanting to protect Zora, even if his devotion is unrequited.

‘Been There Done That’ is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #1 in the Leffersbee series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.


Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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amber review    4 Stars

Another SmartyPants Romance release, another story I fell head over heels for!! I’ve found a new author to love in Hope Ellis too!

Been There Done That is a wonderful second chance romance, introducing us to the Leffersbee family. I seriously connected to the awkward wonderfulness of Zora Leffersbee. Amazingly smart and tenacious about her work life, but she left her chance at happily ever after when the love of her life disappeared without a backward glance when they were 18. Now she’s content to working herself to death and pretending she’s dating her friend Jackson James. Too bad that her past is about to return in a major way. Nick Rossi is uber hot and uber determined to return to Green Valley and finally win back Zora. His balls to the wall style may not be Zora’s favorite, but she may not be able to resist what could be.

Loved seeing how Nick and Zora reacted to each other. Lots of awkward and hilarious moments as well as emotional ones as this pair deals with the hurts of their past. I enjoyed getting to know another Green Valley family, and can’t wait to see what else the Leffersbee’s have in store for us.




My Grandmother Leffersbee used to say, “Life isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes it so interesting.” Then she’d wink before adding, “Do you want interesting? Or do you want boring?”

Right now? I could use some boring perfection. Just a little. Just a smidge. Please.

“Zora.” A vaguely familiar-sounding voice said my name from someplace in the vicinity of my office doorway. I ignored it, hoping they’d take my silence as an invitation to go away.

You’re almost out of time.

My eyes stung, but I wasn’t going to cry. There is no crying in clinic communication research; there is only more research, more grant applications, more trying, more doing. But, damn, I really thought we had this one in the bag. Folks’ livelihoods depended on it. My tenure, my job, depended on it. Not to mention the research itself was important—so incredibly important.

“Zora,” that voice said again, firmer this time. Closer.

Given my present state of mind and eau de sweat fantastique, I can’t help barking out, “Now isn’t a good time.”

The man didn’t respond for a beat, but then once more said, “Zora,” this time with a hint of grit and impatience.

My glare cut away from the offending rejection email and I opened my mouth to volley something scathingly polite and dismissive, but then every nerve and muscle in my body seized. The clouds outside my office window parted at that very moment, emitting a biblical shaft of light that illuminated my overstuffed bookcases—and the breathtaking specimen of man standing in my office doorway on the fifth floor of the medical research building.

What the . . .?

Shock choked me. I couldn’t breathe. The cracked vinyl of the office chair’s armrests bit into the tender flesh of my palms.

I recognized him immediately even though he looked very, very different. All the awkward lankiness and unformed promise of his youth had been ruthlessly fulfilled in the intervening years. But after twelve years of empty, aching absence, of wondering and worrying, of resignation and sadness . . . he was here.

Was he real?

“I thought . . . I thought you were dead.” The whispered words left my mouth at the same time they formed in my brain.

Nick Armstrong stood silent and unmoving, a stolid sentry, looking at me. Just . . . looking.

The width of his shoulders filled the doorway, leaving scant space between his head and the door frame. I couldn’t help devouring the sight of him, half-wondering if he were a mirage. Despite being as fashion challenged as I was, I easily identified the perfect fit of a bespoke suit, noting how the high-quality fabric closely followed the muscled bulk of his shoulders and arms. The unassuming dark jacket, white dress shirt, and trousers did little to hide his tapered waist and well-developed thighs.

His hulking presence alone ensnared my attention, but his face arrested it. He was striking. Thick, ink-black hair just starting to curl over his collar matched the dark stubble shadowing his square jaw. His slightly off-center nose, likely the result of a break, ruined the pure symmetry of his features. But his eyes were a startling shade of green, the same showy, verdant hue of summer leaves under an ominously gunmetal sky.

So unsettlingly familiar. And yet . . . No, it couldn’t be him. There was no way it was Nick. Not after all these years.

This isn’t possible.

I lurched up and made a spectacle of myself as I struggled to stand. Panic weighted my feet. Disbelief severed any connection with my brain’s higher processing, leaving me stuck to my chair with my mouth hanging ajar. “Letting in flies,” as my Grandma Leffersbee would have said.

I blinked back confusion as I stared at him, captured by a whisper, an echo of a memory. “Who . . . ?”

His mouth moved, like maybe he was going to introduce himself. But instead, he repeated my name for a fourth time, “Zora . . .”

This voice was different from the Nick I had loved. Deeper. But the way he said my name, slowly, as if savoring the taste of something rich? I could never forget that.

It is him.

About Hope Ellis

Hope Ellis is a health outcomes researcher by day and writes romances featuring sexy nerds by night. She hopes to one day conquer her habit of compulsively binge-watching The Office.


Find Hope Ellis online





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New Release & Review: Spike By Love (Bellevue Bullies) by Toni Aleo

Spiked By Love is HERE!!! Guys this story is so everything! It’s got friends to lovers angst, Assassins world humor and passion, and all the things I love from a Toni Aleo story. I absolutely loved reading Ally and Asher. Check out my review below and go spend some time with my favorite Nashville families. Happy release Toni!

Happy reading GBR friends. ~ Amber


Friends to lovers hockey romance!
Spiked by Love by Toni Aleo is available now!

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Allison Titov and Asher Brooks have been best friends their whole lives. Brought up together as part of the Assassins family, they might as well be related. But… Ally has never felt anything sisterly toward Asher.

In love with Asher since she was a teen, Ally has gone pro at keeping her feelings a secret. It’s been easy…as long as he’s stayed halfway across the country at college and she has a volleyball to slap her frustrations out on. But now, he’s home. And having his quick wit, heart-filling laugh, and adorkable smile so close is going to test her like never before.

After being dumped by his fiancée, Asher is at a loss what to do next. He craves stability, but with an unexpected kiss, Ally might as well have spiked Asher in the face with a volleyball. Now he’s faced with the dilemma of his life. Does he keep Ally in the friend zone, or does he take the ultimate risk for love?

If they’ve learned one thing growing up in the glow of hockey greatness, it’s that you can’t win it all if you don’t play the game. And by serving one hell of an ace into the middle of Asher’s safe little life, Ally is ready to claim victory.

Friends to LOVERS

Nashville Assassins: Next Generation folks at Bellevue Bullies

amber review 5 Stars

Let me start by saying I love a friends to lovers story almost as much as a second chance romance. In Spiked By Love, Toni Aleo makes a return to the Assassins World in this next generation story set amidst her Bellevue Bullies backdrop. This time it’s Allison Titov and Asher Brooks taking center stage. Ally and Asher are the best of friends, but when feelings get real can they see what everyone around them already see?

From the go these two are thick as thieves and have been since childhood. They get each other in a way others just don’t, and neither wants to admit their feelings even when the rest of the world scoffs at their adamant stance that they are ‘just friends’. I am so happy that Toni told this story in dual pov, because the reader needs to see how much they both are fighting their feelings. I was yelling at the both of them reading this because they just needed to take the leap and act. But then Ally can’t hold back anymore and Asher is stunned stupid. Asher’s got some struggles with expressing his feelings, well really with owning his feelings; and he hates when others tell him how he feels. I thought this was just a good time of an angsty “I know what I feel and want, so get on the same page with me so we can be happy” story. And as always the supporting characters in our Assassins world were present and accounted for, bringing all the drama and hilarity that this fan loves!! Great job as always Toni!!

Now…who’s forever are we getting next?!  

About the Author:

My name is Toni Aleo and I’m a total dork.
I am a wife, mother of two and a bulldog, and also a hopeless romantic.
I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena’s glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!
When my nose isn’t pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son’s hockey games, my daughter’s dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, scrapbooking, and reading the latest romance novel.
I have a slight Disney and Harry Potter obsession, I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, I might have been a Disney Princess in a past life… probably Belle.
… and did I mention I love hockey?

Connect with Toni!


Review: Old Fashioned (Becker Bros #4) by Kandi Steiner

OF - RB banner.jpg

Old Fashioned, the fourth and final installment in the Becker Brothers series by Kandi Steiner is LIVE!

Absolutely fantastic series finale! Check out my review below and if you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend it!! Enjoy! ~ Amber

🥃 Small Town Romance

🥃 Country Romance

🥃 Sports Romance

🥃 Enemies-to-Lovers

🥃 Angst Galore

🥃 Single Parent

🥃 Workplace Romance

🥃 Mystery

OF Cover Final.png

It’s a man’s world.

When I declared sports medicine as my major and every man narrowed their eyes, that saying proved true. It was true when my ex-husband decided I’d give up my career when our daughter was born. And again when I divorced the Chief of Police in our small town, and he made it painfully clear that I could leave him, but I would never be free.

Landing the job as the new athletic trainer for Stratford’s high school team is my chance to start over. And walking into a male-dominated sport and staff, I’m ready for the challenge.

I’m not ready for Jordan Becker.

The head coach of our championship winning team is a Herculean force of nature—as severe as he is determined. His icy blue eyes and permanent scowl drive the women in this town mad, and his quiet power and undeniable command conjure respect from every man.

When I join his team, I expect the doubt and anticipate the fight from him. And I get them both.

I don’t expect to form a friendship.

And I never expect to fall for him.

My breath catches when those cool eyes fall to my lips. My body comes alive when his is near. And as those lines begin to blur, every warning bell sounds.

My job, my reputation are on the line.

And my ex is around every corner, waiting to remind me of his power.

It’s a man’s world, and if I want to survive, I can never fall in love with Jordan Becker.

Even if he falls in love with me first.

Now Available Square 1.png

Download your copy today or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


Amazon Worldwide:

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Read as a stand-alone or binge all four brothers!

(each book can be read as a stand-alone)

On the Rocks (book 1) ➔

Neat (book 2) ➔

Manhattan (book 3) ➔

Old Fashioned (book 4) ➔

*All books available in Kindle Unlimited!*

amber review

5 Stars

An absolute winner of a story!! Old Fashioned was full of heart, family, humor, passion and secrets revealed. As the last on her Becker Brothers series, Kandi Steiner brought her A-game for the finale and bringing Jordan and Sydney’s journey to light. Beyond that though was the reveal of what happened to the Becker patriarch. Hold your hats folks because Kandi certainly made this a wow moment that caused me tears and gasps alike! Beyond the secrets was seeing Jordan finding a love and connection he’d only thought his brothers would find. The journey to a happy for Jordan and Sydney was definitely not easy but I loved experiencing it with them. Hope you will too!


About Kandi:

Kandi Steiner is a bestselling author and whiskey connoisseur living in Tampa, FL. Best known for writing “emotional rollercoaster” stories, she loves bringing flawed characters to life and writing about real, raw romance — in all its forms. No two Kandi Steiner books are the same, and if you’re a lover of angsty, emotional, and inspirational reads, she’s your gal.

An alumna of the University of Central Florida, Kandi graduated with a double major in Creative Writing and Advertising/PR with a minor in Women’s Studies. She started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a diehard hopeless romantic, and likes to highlight all the challenges of love as well as the triumphs.

When Kandi isn’t writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys live music, traveling, anything heavy in carbs, beach days, movie marathons, craft beer and sweet wine — not necessarily in that order.

Connect with Kandi:

Mailing List:


Facebook Reader Group: (Kandiland):





Kandi Steiner may be coming to a city near you! Check out her “events” tab to see all the signings she’s attending in the near future: